When I was on active duty in the Marines,
I served overseas and we spent a lot of time in airports. Marines are pretty easy to pick out of a crowd
because of our haircuts. And all the time, people would come up to
me, and they’d grab my hand and say, “Thanks, Marine,” and they’d buy me a cup of coffee. Now, that recognition, being thanked for your
service, it is a great thing. But one thing always bothered me. I have a brother and a sister who are both
teachers, and they get very little thanks and very little recognition. What’s missing in our society is that same
thank you to the people who serve every day in our schools, in our hospitals, on our streets,
and in our construction sites. It helps us remember who to say thank you
to. And it helps us remember that service is the
rent we pay for living. I’m Conor Lamb, and I approved this message.