I created the service dog handler tag for
all of the service dog handlers on youtube just so people get a better idea of
them as teams What service dogs dogs do and all of that
stuff and you know. Just education I use the TopPaw day pack in green
large i believe and a halti and a hands-free paracord leash that I made Yeah plus a couple of a little ID cards
that my friend made me. They basically say i’m working. Do not pet. Canadian service
dog Sometimes. it really depends on how the
person approached me like if they approached me and I like you can’t have
a dog in here i’ll be like legally yes i can and legally I can call the
police and you can be I think it’s fined. Yeah fined for
messing with my service dog and then they go still we can’t have a dog in there and
i’ll just be like yeah I can but if they’re like hey is that a service dog I’ll be like yeah. Thats a service dog and
they’ll be like oh ok we don’t really allow dogs and I’m like well legally you have
to. They’ll be like fine but most of the time I’m just I try to be as nice as possible
sometimes I do get a bit snappy if I’m not having a great day i’ll be like
don’t don’t don’t do not cross me today Did you see there’s a bear in here? From
this little. I think she’s about four years old and she’s
like” mommy mommy there’s a bear in here.” and I’m just like my heart. How can I even? I owner trained. Yes. Scooter is owner
trained. Next year or in the next couple of years i will be getting a program dog
though Just you know to make it easy. Scooter
working full time is a lot and I mean Scooter really enjoys being at home. Running
around the farm. You know enjoying life so i’ll be getting a program dog but
right now Scooter is owner trained hmm I’m not actually sure. It was just kind
of something that happened and it just was my special interest. I just info
absorbed everything and then I joined I created an Instagram account. I joined the service dog community and
just got really into it and Yeah that’s kind of how I found out. is
just one thing. I don’t actually remember I think I was really little and then all
of a sudden it’s just I’m part of this wonderful community Well i don’t know. I really want to
meet all of my favorite. Favorite? handlers. All of my friends on Instagram. In
somewhere warm and close so i guess like California and just go around do some
sightseeing and public access work go to a movie I don’t go to movies and just you know
have like a really fun time just meeting up with people and sharing tips you know just having a nice relaxing
time with people who get it I don’t know. Because I just want to meet
everyone because everyone is just so sweet and so nice like movies will be good practicing
downstays. Malls will be good for distraction work. Walmart is good for dealing with fake
service dogs that’s an upside. I prefer outdoor malls
because i have a break and then you can go into a store and have a break okay i’m going to cover owner training and program dogs. Um owner training Definitely check out your puppy.
Definitely temperament test the puppy Check out the breeder. Get hips and eyes
and what not all done and over with and work with the trainer who’s experienced
and service dog stuff if you don’t have an experienced
service dog trainer near you then find one online and work with just
an obedience trainer like you can just take PetSmart classes that’s what I did with Scooter for a
while and just get them used to it just always ask for advice if you’re unsure
that would definitely be a good thing to do Program dogs. It takes time to
bond as a team and I’ve been with Scooter for a year and a half and was still just
learning how to gel together so it takes time it takes up to six months to a year
until you’re fully glued together i guess so just be patient I’ll put it like there let’s say put
picture that it’s big stop sign and it says Stop do not pet or Stop I’m working and I’m like oh yeah that’s
amazing I don’t have patches on my vest I just
don’t I have little ID cards yeah just places where people are going to be
rude I really want to go to VidCon and
because that’s just it seems like a really awesome place and I’m really
great place to educate about service dogs and different kinds of dogs and
different kinds of work that they do An autism support dog with mobility and
guiding tasks yeah i would say he has hearing
alerts in that but it doesn’t because he’s like no we don’t do that yeah that about sums it up. Autism
support dog with mobility and guiding tasks Scooter doesn’t wear any because he’s
like mountain dog man his paws like this big giant they don’t fit into anything
and he doesn’t seem to burn his paws like a check and recheck and recheck and he’s
like no well mom I’m good like cool dog cool it’s just some wasn’t really a choice
that somehow. just fell and it just seemed click with me a lot like it just
got like dog me I’m gonna like animals I really like dog
and just I thought it’d be really awesome thing to do get some independence and not have a
person or adult following me around all the time so I have a doggo instead
which has worked out and that is the Service Dog Hander Tag I hope you enjoyed it I hope you learned
something um all service dog teams on youtube
please feel free to do this it will be exciting and I will leave the
questionnaire in the description so yeah I will see you soon