Good afternoon guys it’s Mark here at Server Case UK. I’m here today to talk to you about Server Case and what we do and
essentially why we’re working with Trusted Dolphin to supply you the managed service provider a better service into your customers across the the UK. So
Server Case UK was started in 2006, we originally started as a case distributor
so we were importing rackmount cases from China and Taiwan and distributing them out to the UK channel. As the business developed over a number of years
we’ve moved into solutions, so our core focus is custom solutions around
server and workstation. We’re in lots of different industries so
we can provide out to you know your b2b office but we can also supply out pro-av
solutions CCTV solutions and pretty much anything where the likes of Dell or HP
doesn’t fit the marketplace. That doesn’t mean that we can’t sell Dell or HP, we are
partners with those tier one vendors if you do need that type of product then we
will be also happy to talk to you around those types of solutions and then that
moves on of course to the wraparound the wraparound of course the
infrastructure so we’re looking at cabinets were looking at PDU we’re
looking at networking we’re looking to the terminals themselves so that
might be a thin client a dock for a laptop we are really kind of living and
breathing hardware here at Server Case UK and we want to pass
that on to you, through Trusted Dolphin like I said who are our partner we’ve
got a lot of accreditation’s we work with tier one vendors with PNY we work with
Asus we work with InWin who are a chassis manufacturer as well as Logic
Case we’re a Pro AV partner for Nvidia and we are at Intel Technology Provider
as well so some really good things going on here and and I believe that working together with Trusted Dolphin who are a very ethical
company they have a very similar way of doing business as we do, that ultimately
we can find the solution for you based around your customers requirements which enables your customer to have more trust in the product more trust in your
service as well and let’s face it you know we’re in 2019 a lot of
relationships are built on trust and the ability to do a good job first time
round so I’m gonna leave it to that for today, I’d like to talk to you more, so
please feel free to get in touch with us and hopefully we can work together in
the future.