hi guys bit earlier than I said we’d be
we are coming 10 25 and but we are moving on to day five of our mini master
class in mind control this is our final day on this little series of five free
master classes for you and now we’ve looked at on day one how the mind works
how to control those thoughts and and how behavior is linked with our thoughts
on day 2 i’ve given you some tips for self hypnosis and being able to make
those changes yourself day 3 we looked at emotions and how to control them a
day for the physical reactions in the body and how to control those today and
I’m going to do a short little class really on how to improve sleep so as I
said on day one sleep is incredibly important it gives our bodies the chance
to rest to repair to keel to give us energy and none of us function very well
at all if we are not sleeping well so these are some tips to help you to
improve the quality of your sleep the depth of it the length of it and how to
be able to take control if you suffer from insomnia or if you just don’t sleep
that well okay so what we’re going to do is to try to program your brain to rest
now I want you to see your brain like a clock so under self hypnosis which I’ve
shown you had to do you go into your brain imagine that there is in your mind
a little room with with clocks a bit too big clocks of the room okay I’m not
digital clocks they don’t work hand clocks okay one has got sleep and one
has got awake I want you to go into that room and set your sleep clock for what
time you want to go to sleep now let’s say that’s eleven o’clock you want to go
to sleep by eleven o’clock and you want to get up at seven o’clock as an
eight-hour night so you set the one clock to 11
and you said the other clock to seven or six whatever time you want to get up and
you just repeat that to yourself I am going to sleep tonight eleven o’clock
and i’m going to sleep right through the night till seven o’clock in the morning
there’s no waking up’s we’re going straight to sleep and we’re going to
stay asleep until seven o’clock in the morning now if you are subdue that gets
up in the night for the loo then that’s okay you say to yourself if I really
need to I’ll wake up for the loop and I’ll be able to go straight back to
sleep as if sleep is the film and wake up flew as an advert and I’m just going
straight back into sleep straight back into the film bang okay that easy so
you’ve set your clock and for your awake and you’re asleep and you keep
reinforcing that okay so you’ve really visualized this clock eleven o’clock
sleep time all right and there’s a big word sleep type the bed sleep okay we’re
starting to reprogram for what time you want to go to sleep now a lot of people
have problems with getting to sleep you know the brain starts that whole what do
we do today what went on today Tata Tata Tata like that a lot of that okay now
there’s a way too quiet in that now one of the things you’re brave does when you
sleep is it processes the day there’s a kind of filing thing imagine in your
brain a load of filing clocks that can’t come out to do their job until you’re
asleep so what happens when we don’t get enough sleep is that your day is not
processed properly the filing isn’t done then the next day the filing isn’t done
and the next day the filing isn’t done now imagine if that went on for three
months and you went into that room and said go find me that file and there was
hundreds of thousands of files everywhere you’d never be able to find
it this is why we start to get very foggy when we’re overtired this is why
our memory starts to go we get cluttered everything starts to get cluttered so
your brain needs that time to be able to do its filing from the day so we need
that sleep now we can help with a few little tips ok so we’ve said the program
we’ve set our clock of what time we’re going to sleep we set it what time we
want to wake up now what we need to do is see am i that sort of person that
goes to bed and this is when the whole day starts
in my head now if I’m that kind of person that’s okay don’t worry about it
don’t argue with it say that’s who I am I do my process and at the end of the
day I don’t do I come home from work straight away I don’t process my work
day on the way home in the car which is the ideal if you can great start trying
to do that right if you’re somebody as a manic job and you drive home when you
come home on the train say to yourself that’s my processing time for the day
when I walk through the door it stops i’m home now we’re letting go of work do
the same when you go to bed i’m letting go of the day now it’s time for sleep
now what you can do and i suggest this to some of my clients is that you can
set yourself some processing time at the end of the day so say for example i want
to go to sleep at eleven o’clock i’ll turn the telly off a half is 10 and i
will turn everything off and just sit there quietly for about 15 minutes just
allowing any thoughts that want to come up random thoughts from the day to come
up just think them through processing from the day and I’ll allow myself maybe
15 minutes and say right that’s enough now time to be quiet now okay you’ve had
your time i’m going to bed now as soon as i sent that foot on the first day on
my way up to bed that’s when it’s like no more now so you see your thoughts a
little bit like naughty children that won’t go to bed won’t settle right there
playing there can I have a drink and I get up can I do this and you let them
out for 5-10 minutes and you go right enough now time for bed no more talking
like soft shush okay so I do the same with my thoughts from the day so I’ll
sit there I will give them 10 15 minutes let them have their little say have the
little process and then as soon as I step on the stairs to go up to bed no
more shut up quiet no mom not listen to you we’re not going to have this
conversation I’m not even thinking about this day I’m talking to my own head here
by thinking about ransom person but it works I got the stairs ago in the
bathroom get ready for bed get into bed if my thoughts trying to come in I just
got no fish sleep time now be quiet I’ll talk to you tomorrow have to wait now
till the morning you’ve had a chance you didn’t use they shut up now I talk to
you tomorrow okay and then you visualize that clock you
look at your clock 10 to 11 you look at your brain clock eleven o’clock right
I’m going to sleep in turn in the next 10 minutes I’m gonna sleep and then you
just allow yourself to live there and what you can do is to do some relaxation
techniques which is self hypnosis okay so visualize your whole body relaxing
from your head down to your toes visualize anything you like that is just
gentle and still you could imagine one of my favorites is I’m lying in a little
boat i’m on a lake or i’m on a very gentle ocean and I can just feel the
rocking of the boat very very gently I’ve imagined in the sky I’m imagining
the sounds of birds I’ve imagined in I’m imagining and before I know where I am
I’ve got I’ve got asleep ok now you can absolutely do this use any imagery that
you want to but you’re getting yourself and your body nice and relaxed ready to
go into a nice deep sleep you’ve programmed your brain to sleep deeply to
sleep well and you wake up the next morning and away you go again ok so
Judy’s top tips with sleep ok control your thoughts give them their time to
have their say because if they want to be heard they were not going to shut up
for they being heard so given their time but not when you’re in bed don’t wait
until you go to bed because you’ve turned the telly I’ve gone straight up
the stairs got into bed and that’s the only time the first time of the day your
thoughts I’ve had a chance to be heard ok because that’s a lot the time what we
do we come home from work we’re doing this we’re doing that we’re doing the
other we haven’t had any quiet time first quiet time I brain houses when
we’re in bed and once they start they won’t shut up so don’t let it get that
far give them that time to have their say before you go to bed and this is the
processing from the day ok so that’s my first tip is allow yourself ten 15
minutes before you go to bed to do your processing don’t allow it to happen in
bed because it can go on and on and on before you know where you are a sweet
look in the morning you still wide awake set your clock your sleep clock and your
weight clock ok and use the relaxation exercises now is
there anything else I need to tell you I’m just checking my notes make sure I
haven’t and miss anything oh yeah make sure your bedroom as far as you possibly
can is calm and tidy and there’s no stimulus all right your environment that
you’re sleeping is incredibly important if it’s really cluttered and its really
chaotic you will feel cluttered and chaotic in it all right so try and make
your bedroom is simple and it’s calm and as quiet and as tidy as possible all
right you do have a television in there try not to watch it straight before you
go to sleep or if you do as I say turn it off and allow yourself to just have a
little bit of processing time also a lot of people find they overheat when they
get to bed I can’t see because I was too hot if you’re one of those people that
does that allow your body to cool down before you go to bed so when you turn
the tally off and you’re sitting there doing your 15 minutes processing go
stand by the back door let yourself just cool off okay let your body cool off
make sure your bedroom is cool if you had the heating on all day and all
evening your bedroom get hotter and hotter and hotter and you walk in it to
go to sleep and you’re too hot and you can’t then sleep so turn the radiators
down or off in your bedroom or if you don’t want to do that actually like a
nice warm bed room to wake up to go upstairs five minutes early before you
go to bed and open the window and let your bedroom cool off so you’re going
into a nice cool space your body is cool I’m at that age where sometimes I’ll get
a bit hot and flustered I don’t want that when I’m in bed so if I feel in
that in the evening i turn the heating off earlier i’ll open the windows i’ll
even go and stand outside in the cold there just let my body cool down before
i go to bed and make sure my bedroom is cool as well all of these are tips to
help you to sleep to sleep well and just sleep better and they absolutely work ok
so we’ve done everything that I was going to cover this week I hope you find
these classes really helpful unuseful and they will be on my youtube channel
which is julie pool they’re also on my website julie pool hypnotherapy co dot
uk’ they’re on my Facebook page so please
feel free to watch them as often as you want to to share them with other people
and for any of you who would like to book sessions with me to have one-to-one
sessions please do be in touch because i do have spaces available at the moment
now we’re coming up to Christmas which is traditionally a very high time of the
year for anxiety okay lots of reasons when people get anxious at Christmas and
i’ll be doing some more posts over the next few weeks to help you with some of
those anxieties if you want any more information on me and my work you’ll
find it all on my website including the prices the hours that i work and how I
work so hopefully this is giving you a lot of tools to put in your toolbox to
be able to improve your own health emotional health physical health mental
health to take control of your thoughts and to be able to change the behavior in
the way that you want to with good sleep feeling good in yourself lots of energy
and lots of positivity okay take care thanks bye bye