hi folks and welcome to day two of our
mini masterclass in mind control today we’re going to talk about self hypnosis
techniques so hope you found yesterday helpful we were talking a lot yesterday
about negative thoughts and beliefs and confronting them so these are the
thoughts that come up from your their the thoughts in your conscious mind and
they come up to the conscious awareness which is why they’re at the forefront of
your mind but where do they come from so they come from your subconscious
which is where they live so we’ve got the conscious mind on the top we’ve got
the subconscious underneath now our subconscious is a little bit like a an
archive filing cabinet room okay every thought and every belief you’ve ever had
is filed in those drawers so you can imagine your subconscious it’s a big
room lots and lots of filing cabinets every thought every belief you’ve ever
had going back over all time now some of those thoughts serve you and support you
and help you and some of them don’t a lot of them were never true a lot of
them used to be true and and no longer true they’re outdated and what we want
to do is be able to access them to be able to get down into the subconscious
and find those thoughts now today I’m going to keep this one quite sure I want
you to just know the basics have been able to do this the first thing is just
to understand the conscious mind is what we’re consciously aware of okay
the subconscious is what we’re not aware of but we can access it and it’s quite
easy to do so Judy’s top tips on self-hypnosis
techniques so this is exactly the same for meditation because meditation and
hypnosis are so so similar he is awake he is asleep and about half way along
that line is meditation but 3/4 the way down the line is self
hypnosis or hypnosis so it’s on the same kind of level all right now you can only
think one thought at a time so the main thing is
to keep your attention focused on one thing it really doesn’t matter what it
is but if you’re thinking one thought you can’t be thinking anything else okay
now another top tip is to use all of your senses as many senses as you can so
sight sound smell look at the detail this is all about visualization so if
you were to imagine this archive filing cabinet room containing all of your
thoughts what would it look like would it be
LD worldy room would it be modern would it have big high ceilings or would it
have quite low ceilings would your cabinets be gray metal for draw ones
would they be brown wooden ones would they have six drawers or two drawers
would they be shells on the walls with books and big files what would there be
imagine this room for yourself now imagine that you could completely take
control like a little magician like a wizard you could command all those
drawers to open and you could just simply look at those thoughts look at
those beliefs and then pull them out and say do I want that is that relevant
today do I still need that and if it’s not let’s just get rid of it let’s just
delete it now this is a way of reprogramming your mind yourself
obviously it’s much easier if you’re doing it with me and we’re working
one-to-one but I’m giving you techniques and tips here that you can do yourself
you can certainly try them give it a go okay so all you need to do is a nice
quiet space turn off your phones make sure you’re not disturbed which I’m not
in that space at the moment because I have two dogs and one of them is
scratching at the door to get out so let me just go get my dog oh I’ll be back
now so there’s a lovely example of being not
undisturbed okay so turn your phone’s off turn the doorbell off if you can or
just got stairs and sit in a quiet place and then just focus your thoughts just
literally focus them you can focus them on your breathing you can focus them on
absolutely anything okay you could say I’m gonna focus on that spot on the wall
and I’m just gonna completely focus on that spot it doesn’t matter what it is
but while you’re focused on one thing you can’t be thinking anything else your
brain actually can’t think more than one thought at a time so put your attention
into what you’re trying to achieve so visualize your Upstate your conscious
mind imagine a staircase going down or maybe a chute or a slide or a lift
doesn’t matter you’re going down visualize what that staircase looks like
as it got a Bannister what does it feel like to your hand is it smooth is it
rough if it’s the left how many how many floors are there on this lift how do you
going down to go down into this basement just imagine it okay and some people
will say you know I haven’t got an imagination anymore it doesn’t work
anymore I lost my imagination when I was 10 no you didn’t we still got our
imagination okay so just imagine it visualize it you go down you’re in this
room you visualized the room what’s this smell like is it dark is it light what
colors are the walls is there anything on the floor just allow it like a story
to develop now once you’re in there then you are just literally taking control of
these thoughts so I’ll give you one example to start you off with there will
be a belief in there that says I have no power I have no control now this belief
was created when you’re about eight okay because no eight-year-old has power or
control we’re told what to do what to wear what time to go to bed what
to eat very often who our friends are allowed to be we don’t have any control
so there’s a belief there I have no control but 10 20 years later you
absolutely have control you’re an adult you’ve moved out you’re in your own home
you’re independent and you have control and a new belief comes in that says I
want to have some control now but there’s still the old one there
they contradict each other so go find that old one so we want to be able to
get rid of it so you’ve pulled it out what how are you gonna get rid of it so
we could imagine there was a shredder in that room when you shred in it we could
imagine that there is an incinerator and you’re burning it we can imagine that
there’s a chute that takes it out to a rubbish dump and you’re throwing it down
the chute doesn’t matter what you’re doing by doing this you are absolutely
taking control of your thoughts and you are actually reprogramming your programs
your files which are your beliefs you are reprogramming the by saying I don’t
choose to believe that anymore I don’t want that anymore it’s going you know
you’re taking control and you’re doing that so we need to practice this over
you know the next few days give it a go now with new thoughts we want to be able
to put some new ones in there okay so let’s let’s start with I have control I
have power I am free I am free to be anything I want to be I can create a new
me and a new better version of me whatever you want to put in there you’re
in control here so what would you like your thoughts to say so create them if
these are pieces of paper and a filing cabinet let’s imagine blank pieces of
paper and a pen let’s write out some new ones let’s put them in the drawers okay
now what happens is your behavior comes out of the contents of the filing
cabinets all of it okay your behavior reflects absolutely the
contents the filing cabinets so if you change the font the contents you will
change automatically the behavior so give this a go and we’ll have a chat
about this a little bit more tomorrow okay you also doing the same with your
body so if you’ve got parts of your body that don’t work very well your gut for
example with food intolerances let’s take out those beliefs that says I’m
always going to have these I’m never going to be able to eat those foods I’m
always going to react take those out and let’s change them to say I will be able
to do that I might be able to do it now actually I’m going to give it a go I
think I can do it now I’m calming down my gut my gut is responsive my gut is is
calm create those new building and then try it okay now these are just
very very simple techniques it’s all about the imagination it’s all about
visualization and the detail so my top tips visualize use the detail use your
senses what’s a touch light what does it smell
like what does this sound like what’s it look like what color is it dark is it
like give it depth what you do is you’re drawing your imagination into that story
and actually it’s creating that reality it sounds very woowoo it sounds
ridiculous but it absolutely works and that is how self-hypnosis works all you
need is you and a quiet space it’s that simple okay
so good luck tomorrow we’re going to talk a little bit about emotions and how
they affect our thoughts and our beliefs and explain a little bit about them so
see you tomorrow at 3 o’clock take care bye bye