Look at any picture or video of the
President of the United States and you’ll see a lot of men in dark suits
and sunglasses around him these men all belong to the US ss also known as The
Secret Service these are elite agents whose sole job is to protect the
President of the United States right now there are 116 Secret Service agents in
the field but now some agents and X agents have revealed some secrets of
being in the Secret Service I’m Charlie and today we’re going to look at Secret
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we have assassin interviews seeing as the sole job of Secret Service agent is
to make sure the president’s safe an assassination would be the worst thing
possible that’s why they take thousands of precautions to make sure this never
ever happens of course the USA with a population of over 300 million has some
loonies and some of those people will want to take out the president as people
are very divided when it comes to politics did he know that almost every
other day there’s a threat made against the president’s life and usually it
comes in a note Foreman is sent to the White House or sometimes people send a
message online whether it’s on email or social media well according to a Secret
Service veteran Tim wood this is something they have to look into it’s
called protective intelligence and whenever anyone makes any threat towards
the president they have to investigate that person in fact every aspect of that
person’s life will be investigated without them even knowing the Secret
Service will interview their friends neighbors employees associates and
anyone else involved in their life the whole thing they’re trying to figure out
is is this person serious of course it’s one thing to write something or say
you’re gonna do something as compared to actually doing it and that’s why they
have to check if these people are serious or not this is a full-time job
so now you know why there’s 116 agents in the field as we speak did you know
that making a threat against the president is a class E felony however
sometimes if the people are found to have alcohol problems
mental illnesses they are spared sentencing and are instead given
psychiatric help next up is bathroom company if you value your privacy then I
have a tip for you don’t become the President of the United States
that’s because thanks to the Secret Service you are never alone and I mean
never the president has to be protective wherever they go and this includes the
bathroom whenever the president goes to a doctor’s office or the bathroom or
anywhere private they are joined with the Secret Service
even during very private medical exams the Secret Service are standing by
that’s because even the doctor could be a threat so they can never be alone next
up is blood bags when the president leaves the White House or goes to a
different country or state there’s a humongous entourage hundreds or
sometimes thousands of people will join him and gigantic military airplanes will
carry things like bags and other items the president may need but amongst all
of that stuff includes many bags of blood this is blood which is exactly the
blood type of the president of the United States the current president has
the rarest blood type in the world rh-negative blur every Secret Service
agent is trained in what’s known as ten minute medicine these are basically
medical procedures to keep the president alive before he can get real care from
professional doctors and because of that in the president’s motorcade or
airplanes that they’re traveling abroad they will always have bags of the
president’s blood this actually helps save President Ronald Reagan during a
1981 assassination attempt a bullet did enter his rib but thankfully they had
his blood type and he was saved next up is bullet training Secret Service agents
need to protect presidents from assassinations and so far every
presidential assassination in history has been with a bullet
due to this Secret Service agents must be prepared for the worst-case scenarios
and that’s why in training they’re shot with fake bullets they undergo very
frequent and rigorous training scenario exercises to make these simulations
effective they’re actually shot with marking
rounds or plastic bullets these leave a sting and also a colored trace made of
paint this is much more realistic than a blank because you actually know you’ve
been hit during these exercises another agent will stand in for the president
while other agents will try and keep him safe next staff is working the rope this
is said to be the most difficult part of any Secret Service agent job working the
Rope is when a president meets a crowd it could be at a rally or perhaps when
they step off an airplane and there’s a cornered off area of people to greet
them for a Secret Service agent this is very very stressful it’s you never know
who could be behind the rope you have no idea what the people in the crowd may do
and that’s why they’re always scanning for threats the reason why Secret
Service agents wear sunglasses is so that people can’t see where their eyes
are looking but one agent said their eyes are constantly scanning hands in
pockets in case on has something in their pocket they also look for other
signs of suspicious activity from people in the crowd and inside the crowd
there’s even undercover Secret Service agents tipping off potential suspects
they wouldn’t want any liquids or projectiles thrown at the president so
that’s why they have to scan the crowd and make sure no one in there is
dangerous next up is note tracking you know how I said earlier that if someone
threatens the president in a note they will track them down and interview
everyone they know you may have thought how exactly do they track the person
down well if you give a Secret Service agent a written note they’ll be able to
track it right back to you and they’ll do it with something you own which is
your pen whenever the White House receives a troubling handwritten note
agents know how to track anyone down using the ink the Secret Service
actually work in tandem with ink manufacturers they’ve got a gigantic
database of things to know exactly where it comes from this allows them to know
exactly where it’s sold and where the person who wrote the note could be this
starting point is all they need and they can track it right back to you next up
is on camera the worst moment for the Secret Service was in 1963 when JFK was
assassinated the investigation was full of theories
and many people do not believe the official narrative of what happened a
large part of that is because there’s a lack of evidence as to what happened the
one film of the event was crucial for the Secret Service and is still used in
their training today but in the present day the Secret Service film the
president at all times they particularly film any current presidential motorcade
that’s because if there ever is an instant they want to be able to review
that in film and see where they went wrong recently someone threw something
at the current president in Florida first because the motorcade was being
filmed they were able to locate that person and arrest them it may seem a bit
heavy-handed but their sole job is to protect the President of the United
States and that’s why they need to review any threat whether it’s big or
small next up is food surveillance if you meet the President and want to gift
him some food then it will probably be thrown in the trash that’s because every
single bite of food prepared for the president is under the watchful eye of
this Secret Service the Secret Service literally stare at the White House chefs
as they make the presidentís food the current president actually says he has a
big fear of being poisoned and that’s why he often orders fast food as the
people making it don’t know who it’s going to if the Secret Service hasn’t
seen the food being prepared then they don’t give it to the president think
about how easy it would be for a chef to sneak some poison into a hamburger but
if the president ever wants a pizza ordered to the White House then it’s
gonna take a long time that’s because to reduce the danger they will order it to
a different address and then take it to the White House next up is the Beast if
you want to be in the Secret Service then you’re going to have to familiarize
yourself with the Beast the Beast is the official name for the presidential
limousine the beast is actually a custom-made one of the kind Cadillac
it’s very heavily armored and is also bulletproof and blast-proof the tires
are also flat proof and inside the car there’s lots of areas where the
president’s blood is camped it’s driven by agents who have extensive knowledge
of defensive driving they can perform a 180 degree turn as
some of the best drivers in the world the beast is also not taken to a regular
garage instead it’s serviced by Secret Service agents in a Secret Service
garage the president actually has three of these cars and they all cost two
million dollars each and finally on the list we have hotel hell you may think if
you owned a hotel having the president stay there would be a dream come true
after all it would be a lot of publicity for the hotel but that’s actually not
true hotels do not like the President or the Secret Service in their hotel that’s
because every employee will have to have a thorough background check if anyone
has a criminal history in the hotel the hotel manager will tell them not to come
in that day the Secret Service also take over entire floors of the hotel meaning
other guests can’t stay then usually the president will have one floor and then
the Secret Service will have the floor below and above the president also
elevators will be commandeered for their own private use which can disrupt the
hotel’s business and the Secret Service even employs a elevator repairman in
case the president ever gets stuck in an elevator but now it’s time to make your
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