Hello Friends Welcome To my Channel Here’s a hard disk What is the problem it is a dead HDD so you first open this hdd screw open screw open the circuit board open the circuit board i open this circuit board open this cuver i open this cuver so i check this First Check all capacitor First Check all capacitor check beep in capacitor set multimeter in buzzer mode set multimeter in buzzer mode so i check So i check first all capacitor no any beep …. Beep on this capacitor and value 3 3 value & beep in this capacitor capacitor is short this capacitor i try change this capacitor check another capacitor no any beep alternativ the probes showing value & this capacitor beep but value is 10 to high it’s not short no shorting no shorting its value 87 so i think this only shorting value under 10 oms This is the positive point like this mark the + point & replace capacitor + by + poin & – by – point apply flux in capacitor zoom check this capacitor & this only shorting or another this capacitor is short so i replace new capacitor from another hdd this is a another hdd circuit this is a another hdd circuit so first check capacitor + point – poit value 650 to high yahh its okk remove this capacitor apply flux check it no beep 675 so replace it + point to point + fix it fix it now it’s fixed no any + to + – to – point fixed pack hdd fixed screw fix check in the pc I have hdd connected to pc power on pc start Now watching in monitor now hdd showing WD Enter the HDD thean now starting Windows now HDD running i hope you like this video Plzz Plzz LIke & Share This Video