over time the battery in the s10 plus starts to lose this power and then you might find yourself charging your phone a bajillion times a day if you want to get back to charging it just once a day then keep watching we’re about to show you how to replace the battery on your Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus for this repair you’ll need iFixit opening tools a suction handle a set of I fix at opening picks tweezers a phillips double zero screwdriver an eye opener a spudger and some over ninety percent isopropyl alcohol or adhesive remover we also recommend using a magnetic mat to keep screws organized and safe the Galaxy S ten plus has a ton of tiny screws that are very easy to lose and this mat will keep them all in place before you begin your repair make sure to discharge your battery below 25% this will reduce the risk of a dangerous thermal event if you puncture your battery during the repair once you’re ready to get started heat up an eye opener and lay it across the right edge of the back cover lay a suction cup on the back of the phone as close as possible to where you applied the heat and pull up on the suction cup to create a gap between the back cover and the case once you have a gap use the pic to cut away the adhesive then leave your pic in place to prevent the back cover from resealing repeat the process of heating lifting with the suction cup and using your pick all around the phone if the adhesive continues to give you a hard time try using a heat gun or hair dryer once you’ve cut the adhesive from all around the phone twist the inserted pics to help separate the back cover from the frame once it’s free you should be able to lift it right off go ahead and remove the 16 Phillips screws from the NFC antenna charging coil and speaker then use the tip of your spreader to remove them both from the phone with your spudger still in hand disconnect the battery to cut off power grab your isopropyl alcohol and begin to drop some into the battery well let it set and soften the adhesive then lift the edge and tilt the phone so the alcohol travels you can add some more alcohol at this time if you wish wait for about a minute for the adhesive to finish softening and then grab a plastic car door opening pick and pry up the battery if the battery doesn’t budge the adhesive is not sufficiently weakened reapply more alcohol or try using some adhesive remover with the old battery out grab your new battery and apply new adhesive so that your battery doesn’t rattle around lay your battery back inside the well and reconnect it to the motherboard then go ahead and insert the NFC antenna charging coil and speaker and screw everything back in with all that back in place and new adhesive applied to your ear panel you can carefully close up the phone Oh