All right, today I’m going to show you how
to replace just the glass on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and your Samsung Galaxy Note
2. I’m going to try it actually with a piece of string. It ended up not working out too
well. You can do it without taking apart the phone. I ended up taking mine apart because
it is a little bit easier to get the glass away from the LCD itself. What I’m going to
do right now is I’m going to take my heat gun and just gently heat up my phone for about
2-4 minutes. Some people say that you can do this with a blow dryer–just like your
regular hair dryer. I’ve found that the hair dryer doesn’t heat up enough to melt the glue
between the glass layer and the digitizer layer. So I have the heat gun. They’re pretty
cheap. I’ll put a link in the video description below if you need to buy one. You want to
get this screen too hot to touch. That way you know that the glue is liquid between the
two layers. I’m just going to take my razor and slide it between the glass layer and the
digitizer. It’s right below the colored part of the lens. And this is where I tried to
take a string and kind of slide it in, and just pull it through to separate the glass.
It was good in theory. The string ended up melting. So I guess if you can find a string
or a super thin wire you might be able to put in between, just pull it down, and separate
the layers but in my opinion, the prying it up with razor blades works out a little bit
better. So as you can see I’ve taken two razor blades and kind of dug at the corners a little
bit to get it started. And I’m lifting up very very gently along the edges super slow.
Then I’m going to heat it up a little bit, move it another couple centimeters, heat it
up some more, move it another couple centimeters. Just little bit by little bit you can see
the glue just kind of melting away on the inside. I’m going to put a link right here
for another video I made for three common mistakes that people make when trying to separate
the glass from their phones. It’ll talk about not heating the glass up too much because
you can burn the LCD underneath. So you just want to put it on for thirty seconds, warm
it up till it’s too hot to touch anymore, slide your razor blades or your pry tools
down a little bit, and just kind of continue that same process. I normally don’t recommend
that people try to separate the glass from their phone just because the success rate
is so low, but it definitely is still possible as long as you go super slow and don’t put
any, any pressure on the digitizer underneath. The whole process took me about 45 minutes
from start to end, so I would set aside a good 45 minutes to an hour and make sure not
to rush anything. You always want to start at the top of the screen as well, just because
there’s the buttons down at the bottom of the screen that will rip if you start prying
down there. So make sure you start up by the earpiece. You can see that I’ve lifted it
up and away and now you can see that the buttons are down there at the bottom. I’m taking care
not to lift it too far away from the phone so I don’t rip any of the cables down there.
If you do rip a cable, just send me a message and I can see if I can find a replacement
part for you. You can contact me on Facebook or just leave a comment down on the bottom.
And now I’m just prying the buttons away from the screen themselves. And now I’m just going
to clean up a little bit. You can leave the home button off for now, just make sure you
reapply it before you put the top screen back on. So I need to get rid of all the rest of
the glue from the phone, as well as pull off the earpiece from the old screen and the home
button bracket from the old screen as well. So just kind of pull that out and away. And
now I’m going to finish cleaning up the glue from the phone. It’s actually a pretty big
pain. The glass digitizer, which is what is right above the LCD right now, is super super
fragile. It’s about the same thickness and fragility as an egg. So when brushing at it
remember that any force that would break an egg is the same amount of force that would
break this digitizer. It’s super fragile. So I tried heating it up a little bit to melt
the remaining glue to see if I could pull it away that way. It ended up not working
out too well. The best method that I’ve found is just getting a little bit of Windex on
a white lint-free cloth and just rubbing very gently at the glue. And it’ll eventually just
rub away. Now if anybody else has any better ways of getting rid of the glue on the phone,
please message me or leave a comment below so we can share it with the rest of the world.
Cleaning off the glue took about just as much time as separating the glass from the digitizer.
Now if you’ve gotten this far, it’s pretty impressive. The hardest part is over. So there’s
three layers to the screen. You have the outer layer, which is the hard glass, which protects
the phone. The layer right below it is the digitizer, and this is what senses your fingers
going on the screen, and the lower layer right below the digitizer is the LCD, which is what
you see on the screen. If your phone does not work, if the touch part of your phone
does not work, or if you cannot see anything on the phone because the LCD is broken, then
replacing just the glass will not work. In order to replace just the glass and be successful
your phone has to be visible and recognize your touches. That’s when you can replace
just the glass. Now I’m taking my double-sided sticky tape (I’ll put a link the video description
below to where you can buy this, it’s pretty cheap, just a couple bucks) and I’m basically
going to make a sticky frame around the edge of the phone as well as around the LCD itself.
That way no dust can get inside between the glass and the digitizer. So make sure that
when you put the sticky tape in a square around the LCD itself, that there’s no way that dust
can slip inside. So make sure it’s completely sealed off. Also make sure not to cover up
any of the light sensors, the proximity sensors, or the camera up at top of the phone. I’m
taking the double-sided tape and just making my little fortress around the edges here.
If you have any problems you can always message me for help. You can find me on Facebook,
or on Twitter at @ZacksJerryRig. Google+ as well as Facebook, I’ll put links at the end
of the videos for all of that stuff. You can click at the bottom left corner to head to
my website. All right, so right here you can see that the earpiece is already in place,
and I pulled off the bottom protective layer on the glass and I’m just lining it up along
the edge of the phone. And I’m leaving the bottom up just a little bit so I can align
that home button. Now you can see that I’ve messed up a little bit here. I forgot to put
in the metal bracket for the home button that we took off the old screen. So what I’m going
to do is I’m just going to pry up the old screen again, slide that bracket in and then
put it back down again. So save yourself a step and remember to put that bracket in beforehand.
And you can see that everything’s good. If you need a link to see how to put your phone
back together again go ahead and click that. If you decided not to take your phone apart,
you’ll find you should be good to go. Now make sure to get a case on this thing. Try
not to drop it. And you can see that everything works out great. If you have any questions,
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