Hey, guys! And let’s play Rockman 3 Improvement. And let’s go. But after all, what Rockman is this? It’s simple, it’s a hack. It’s a hack of Rockman 3. It is a hack that improves the game. Fix some bugs, anyway… Ah! And you saw at the beginning of the video, right? The hack puts opening scenes. Which explains better the story of Rockman 3. Ummm… Very well… Uh, I’ll do the same order I did in my… Let’s Play of the original game. I start with Top Man. After Top Man, i go to Shadow Man, after Shadow Man i go to Spark Man, anyway, the same order. Hmph! Here come those enemies who… I think they are one of the strangest enemies in the whole series. In the whole classic series. A screw… I mean, a nut that comes in a screw which already has another nut. The robot that bulge up his eyes when it releases the tops. Huahhh… There it comes again. Look it there. What the heck! Hmph! Mettals with excavators. One up there. Hey! A life! Rush Coil! Where are you? Yes! Bye! Now I’m going to have to fall. I’ll use Rush Coil again. Ah! Now you’re talking! Now comes common Mettals. Whew! Uoooo! Let’s fall… Now it’s going to come a giant cat robot. Spitter of hairballs… Ouch! Damn! Hairballs as a weapon. He also looses some fleas. Hmph! Here comes that robot again. The robot that bulge up his eyes. Why bulge up the eyes when it comes to loosening the tops? As i said in… In my Let’s Play of the original game. Hmph! Look! My energy filled up at once. Uh! Uh! Uh! Ouch! Son of a b****! Now here comes the giant tops. Giant tops. Wow! Wow! WOW! Uooo! Uooo! Uooo! Yes! Just now when i was trying to record, i died in this part. Sluggishness! Release the tops and… Ouch! Damn! The dash failed. I lied. I didn’t even try! Hehe! I thought I’d be able to dodge just by walking. Uooo! Hmph! If you did more attacks than these two… would be more nice, isn’t it? But he just keeps doing the same attacks again and again and again. So it becomes very predictable. He throws the tops that divide into three. Then he spins. And come to me. And throws the tops that divide into three. Then he spins. And come to me. And that’s all. Wait a second! It seems like I’m taking more ernegy from him… here in this hack than in the original game. More ENERGY! That’s it! Hehe! Look! It seems so! Let’s see. Look! It really is! Hey! That’s nice! Nice! I liked this hack! Why i’m bringing a hack? It’s simple: i found a lot of hacks of… of Rockman… I was going to say “Rockman 3”, but it’s not just of Rockman 3 that I found it. I found hacks of… all the games of the classic series. Then I got so excited, i thought it was so cool, So I decided: “I’ll also bring hacks of the classic series here to my channel”. And it will be a lot of them. Just you wait to see. Some of them very cool and oter ones… OTHER ones! I said “oter ones”. Hehe! Other ones not so much. Some of them are very strange, got it? But anyway… This was the first part of my Let’s Play of Rockman 3 Improvement. I hoped you liked. Thanks! See you later! I’m out of here!