(upbeat music) – My name is Mark Humphrey, I’m an orthopedic surgeon. I perform hip and knee replacements at Overland Park Regional and my office is at College Park Specialty. (What is a total hip replacement?) Hip replacement surgery is for patients who have arthritic or worn-out hips, and they get a new hip to enjoy life and do the day-to-day
things they wanna do again. The hip is a ball-and-socket
joint that we replace. We remove the diseased, arthritic bone, preserve healthy bone,
and try to replicate the original hip without the arthritis. (What new developments aid in recovery time?) What’s happened in the last 10 years is you’ve seen a push
towards fast recovery for all hip replacements,
even before the robot showed up on the scene, we
advanced physical therapy, we got patients moving faster, so we have expectations
of a quicker recovery, even without the robot. (How long can patients expect
hip replacements to last?) It’s not inferior to current expectations of hips lasting 20
years, that if anything, with a more normally-situated hip joint and reproducing the mechanics of your native original hip joint, that we’d like to see it last 30 years. (To schedule an appointment call 913-469-6447) (Find out more at