Two-factor authentication is really important
because the traditional method of logging in with a username and password is no longer
sufficient to protect your online accounts – from banking to social media and email. Passwords are easily forgotten and stolen. Two-factor authentication is integral to protecting
your identity and online account access. If your phone is lost or stolen, regaining
access to your 2FA-enabled accounts can be incredibly difficult, time-consuming or even
impossible. Rivetz Authenticator is the solution. Rivetz Authenticator is the first 2FA app
solution to offer backup and recovery of your 2FA keys, using your phone’s existing hardware
security capabilities. You also retain complete control over your
encrypted backup files. Rivetz Authenticator generates 2FA codes in
your phone’s secure hardware chipset, protecting them from the operating system and potential
malware. Other 2FA apps generate the codes in software,
exposing them to phishing attacks and other threats. This secure hardware chipset is called the
Trusted Execution Environment, also known as the T.E.E., and is already embedded in
millions of Android devices. Rivetz Authenticator is built from the ground
up, using hardware-based trusted processing. Rivetz Authenticator is compatible with your
favorite online services: Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Coinbase and more. Your services are easy to add. Enter them manually or use the QR code. Rivetz Authenticator monitors the state of
your device for changes caused by spyware or other malicious software, and will notify
you if your device state changes. You can save all your services as encrypted
backups so they can be recovered in case your device is lost or stolen. Your backup is secured with a 12- or 24-word
recovery phrase. It’s easy to restore access to your services. Simply open your backup and enter your recovery
phrase. The app also functions completely offline,
within your device, and we never see your keys, codes, or even backups.