THE FAMOUS FlatIorn District is form 24th
to 20th St. Madison Broadway and 5th ave the landmark building which is the Flatiron building
was completed in 1902 designed by Daniel Berman. Its kinda Polaso with a Bogart styling. When
build it was not a place to have living or shopping it was just a place to work now the
area is going very young its busling its fabolous it s a place to live work and play and on
our lefthand side you could see the famous you building. Enjoying the area together is
the Madison Square Park it is 6.2 Acres and was where the original home Madison square
garden used to be . The statue of Secutary of State William Seaward Who was under president
Abraham Lincoln during 1861. together they set the freedom of all men and thier rights.
People love this park, they walk thier dogs, they sit and read, and just ciew the beauty.
And for the lunch break munchies are in the original shake shack serving hamburgers french
fries and delicious drinks . Taking a moment of Broadway to tlak to my new intern we had
to discuss what the thinks we need at Restoration Hardware for our clients. And behind us youll
see the Empire State Building on 34th and 5th. Walking across the street we notice the
hustle and bustle of the area, amd then ofcourse we enter this fabulous new furniture store.
I am Maxine Shriber founder od Simply Decorate and online interior design site. For $179
you get a 2D 3D plan and a how to in 72 hours. i am just too comfortable in this new love
seat flanked by outstanding swing arm wall lamps. Opposite the perfect NY Lingroom Chic
and Simple. Some amazing coffee tables that have the door capital style we happen to reccommend
these and use them. as an executtive this aviator wing desk chair with its patch quilt
aluminum is right up my alley and also if we look in the back. Those polished nickle
sccior tables are absolulty perfect and behind it is a brand new leather chair. Curtains
galore, dream it they got it with amazing poles to hang it.
plus and unusual shelving made of steel and raw wood. The most amazing TV stand made of
polish Nickle this is one item I must have and simply Decorate recommends this fabulous
mercury Mirror and comes in two sizes. going downstairs now to enter the bedroom area.
Glamous bedroom with upolsered headboards and crystal shanalers and if you want a gothic
look they have that too. The french reading chair id one of our favorites and wereve been
using it for years. Consoles with gothic metal lamps and great books all on New York City.
We reccommend that you take these books and put them on your coffee table. The last stop
is the perfect bathroom its the settign its just perfect the grat towels are in great
colors and thier plush and great for your body. this is maxine Shirber going uptown
agian to my office so that Simply Decorate can do our thing and make your home beautiful.
see you soon have a nice day.