When one or both of the cooktop lamps need to be replaced, it is a very easy process. This video will outline the correct procedures for changing the lamps. You will need: a Philips screwdriver and one or two lamps appropriate for your oven. The appropriate part will be indicated on the label near the lamps on the
bottom of the microwave Begin by unplugging the power chord. Next, use a screwdriver to remove the
screw in the lamp cover. A power screwdriver is not recommended
as it may damage the screw. Open the cover. It will hang in place by
a hinge on the opposite end. When the screw is removed completely, place the screw and screwdriver aside – you will need them later. The lamps have a small bit of adhesive to prevent
them from loosening during shipping. Carefully remove it before attempting to
unscrew the lamp. Now the lamps can be easily unscrewed. Set aside the used lamp and screw the new lamp into the socket. Close the cover and while keeping the cover in place with the other hand, replace the screw. The last step is to replace the power cord. Checklist: 1. Order the lamps according to the label. 2. Make sure to unplug the unit before you begin. 3. carefully remove the adhesive before unscrewing the lamp.