The sprayer on my kitchen faucet broke today making the faucet completely unusable. uh… I’m going to fix this and I’m going to show you how I do it. You can replace the whole handle and hose assembly. It’s not too hard of a job. Uh… My handle broke but the hose is still in good condition. So I got a replacement handle. I’m just going to replace the handle. Here’s the end of the hose. You might have to remove some pieces including a little metal retaining clip. You’ll want to hold onto that. Your new sprayer should have come with one um… but you going to need that. That’s an important piece. Okay I’m going to take the new coupling slip that over the end of the hose there take the retaining clip and clip it into the groove You might need something hard to help push it on there so that it clips in place [click] Then we are going to take this hard plastic thin washer slide it on to the end and then this thick rubber washer slide that on to the end and push those down on there Take the new sprayer and screw it in nice and tight okay I’m going to test it out now [running water] The faucet works Sprayer works doesn’t leak Everything’s working well. I hope the video was helpful. Thanks for watching!