Hi I’m Mike with Craft Supplies USA and today’s Pro Tip is on replacing the hook-and-loop on sanding discs holders. For those of us who power sand. It’s inevitable that we’ll throw a disc while sanding and run the holder into the work, ruining the hook. Or simply wearing it out after repeated use. But luckily we can save the disc holder and save you some money. It’s an easy fix let me show you how, using the KJR Replacement Disc. First, we’ll mount the sanding disc holder into a drill chuck in the headstock, then with the tool rest center height, position a skew chisel long point down and bevel parallel to the face of the disc. Now angle it to one o’clock and turn away the damaged hook. After the surface has been cleaned up, we can install the new hook. The KJR Replacement Disc is self-adhesive, so just line it up and stick it on. That’s all there is to it. It”s an easy fix it takes no time at all, and I like to keep a few of these on hand so I can get right back to work. If you liked the video, be sure to subscribe to our channel and give it a thumbs up. Also, check out our entire selection of woodturning supplies at www.woodturnerscatalog.com