When the Microsoft Band 2 came out, it had perhaps the best balance of fitness tracking, smartphone notifications, and style of all fitness wearables. It certainly was the best option for Windows phone users, and maybe for Android and iOS enthusiasts as well. Unfortunately, it had one fatal flaw: the band was prone to splitting after several months of use. Initially, Microsoft was great about replacing the devices for free. But then the 1-year warranty periods ran out. Worse, in October of 2016, Microsoft discontinued the Band altogether. So now your only option to keep your split Microsoft Band in service is to repair it. Here’s how I repaired mine using a product called Sugru. Sugru is a moldable glue. When it dries, black Sugru has the same color and rubber feel as the Microsoft Band. To apply it, you simply squeeze some Sugru out of its package and roll it into a ball with your fingers, and then mould it onto the split region of the Microsoft Band. Let it cure for 24-48 hours, and then you’re good to go. Sugru is also good for repairing other things you may have. For example, I’ve used it to repair a tear in a bicycle saddle. And a tear in my car’s gearshift boot. All repairs have lasted a long time. You can expect getting at least a couple more months out of your Band with Sugru. If it tears again, you can remove the old Sugru with a razor blade and fingernail, and reapply it. Here’s a tip: if you don’t use all the Sugru in a package, you can save some for later by sealing the package really well using packaging tape. Otherwise, it will dry out. If you found this video useful, please let me know by clicking the like button. Good luck with your repairs! FelixWong.com