Hi! Itís Steve from PartSelect. Today, we
are going to show you how to change the water valve on your refrigerator and itís a really
easy job. All you are going to need is a º inch nut driver. Let me show up the utility
knife. Let me show you how we do it. Now to begin this repair, we will need to pull the
refrigerator away from the wall and disconnect the power by pulling the plug and disconnect
the inlet water supply to the valve and remove the screws at the end of that back cover enough
to gain access to the valve. Just carefully pull that out from behind the tubing. Now
we can access quarter inch screw that holds out the valve to the body of the refrigerator.
Just loosen that a few turns. It does have a keyhole slot. We can slide that up, rotate
it around and carefully slide it off of the head of that screw and you can pull it through
back. We will disconnect the wire harness and depress the colette and that cup link.
We will depress it in towards the valve at the same time and pull it on the tubing and
may be some water in there. So it has something to catch that. And then we are ready to reinstall
a new valve. Now before we install the new valve, we are
going to snip the end of that tubing off. Just inspect and you will see where there
is a little crimp where it was in the valve before and we are just going to cut just behind
that crimp nice straight line. That gives us a nice fresh edge to insert into the new
valve. So we will fully insert that until it bottoms out and pull back on it to lock
that colette. You can remove the protective cap for the inlet and we will connect the
wire harness. We will tuck that in behind. We will need to roll that over, slip it over
the head of that screw and rotate it up into place. There is a little locking tab on that
frame of that valve. Set this into the hole on the side of the cabinet, tight the screw,
re-route the outlet water line and put the screws in the back cover. We will leave room
to reconnect the inlet water supply. Turn on the water supply and check for leaks and
then the repair is complete. I told you it was an easy job. Thanks for watching and good
luck with your repair.