Hi! It’s Steve from PartSelect. Today, we
are going to show you how to change the ice-maker shut-off arm on your refrigerator. It’s
a really easy job. All we are going to need is a quarter-inch nut driver, a Phillip screwdriver
and pair of needle nose pliers. Let me show you how we do it. Now before we begin this
repair, the first thing we will need to do is to disconnect the power. So we will have
to pull the refrigerator fair enough forward where we can disconnect the chord from the
receptacle. Next, we are going to open the freezer. We are going to have to remove all
of the items that are in the freezer. So we will begin this model by lifting out the basket
and we will set that aside. We will also remove the two screws that secure the front to the
rails, which is the short Phillip screw that will allow us to lift up on the door and disengage
the hooks at the back and then we can set that somewhere safe. We can now push the rails
back out of the way and we are going to slide the upper drawer out and lift up on it and
we will set that aside. Next, we will remove the single screw from beneath the ice-maker
and we are going to loosen two more that hold it to the sidewall. You don’t need to remove
those screws completely. Just loosen them enough and we can lift up on the ice-maker.
Disengage that from those two screws. You can depress the locking tabs on the wire harness
and disconnect it from the back wall. Now we can set the ice-maker on a suitable work
surface and we can change the shut-off arm. Now, with the ice-maker on a suitable work
surface, we will need to remove the cover that is just held in place with plastic tabs
that normally just point forward on and we will pop it off. Normally, just pulling forward
will pop it off. Once, you need to just get it underneath the bottom of it there. There
is a couple of slots and we will pry that off. Now, with the cover removed, we are next
going to remove two-third screws that are recessed in the front. We will completely
loosen both of those screws. Now we can pull the ice-maker head away from the body of it
and as we do that, we are going to disengage the side rail and the center armature. We
will need to loosen the wire harness a bit to get the last bit out. And once you pry those fair enough to remove
that center armature that will allow you to pop the rear fill cup out. Once you got that
out, you can rotate that around and slide it off at the end of the shut-off arm. If
need be use your pliers to pop it through and set that down. Now the front of the arm
where it engages a cam inside the ice-maker head; we will need to carefully pull that
out and again you can use your pliers, pop that out. Now to install the new shut-off
arm, we will start by hooking it into the fill cup first. So snap that onto the short
bend on that shut-off arm and we are going to engage the long bend in the front. You
push it firmly into place. Next, we are going to set that cup into position at the back.
We need to put the hub portion of it through the opening in the icemaker, flex that tab
and hook that over the back. Next, we will put the discharge shoot on the site. It has
a couple of tabs on the front and that we will hook the front of the ice maker and the
tab at the back that would engage a little notch at the back of the mold as well. So
we need to make sure both of those tabs are engaged properly. I am holding that to the
mold. We will take the eject lever and it has a D-shaped shaft on the front that will
only fit one way into the ice-maker head. So rotate it until it will slide into the
ice-maker head. Then we can lower it down. We will slowly push in that mold towards the
head, line up the rear of that eject lever, so that it fits through the opening in the
cup. Make sure everything is lined up and then we tighten those two Phillip screws again.
Now, once you secured those two screws, just check the operation of that shut-off arm.
It should stay in the horizontal position, which is the off position and it should float
freely in the arm position. Now we can put the cover back on the ice-maker
head. We will note that there are four tabs that will engage four slotted openings in
that housing. So once you have got them up over the top of them, just snap it into place
and now we are ready to reinstall the ice-maker in the refrigerator. We will begin by connecting
the wire harness to the rear panel. We will make sure that the foam tube gets securely
into the fill cup. We will lift those slotted portions on the side of the two quarter-inch
screws and we will tighten those up. And then we will put the remaining quarter-inch screw
in the bottom. Next, we will reassemble the drawer and slide the upper drawer into the
channel and slipped up on this, pushing it back. Then we will put the drawer front on.
To do that we will pull the rails out, till they are fully extended, and then we need
to make sure that the two hooks on the end around those slotted openings and then the
tooth heads up closer will sit on the front ones. Now this is brought down into place.
We will reinstall the two Phillip screws. This will secure the drawer front to the rails
and then we can drop the lower basket into place and then pull that basket forward until
it locks into place. It was a D-tent on both sides that match up with the tab on the basket.
We are ready to plug the power back in and our repair is complete. I told you it was
an easy job. Thanks for watching and good luck with your repair.