Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect. Today, we’re going to show you how to change
the fresh food door gasket on your refrigerator and it’s a really easy job, all we’re going
to need is a putty knife. Let me show you how we do it. Now the repair procedure for replacing this
door gasket is the same regardless of the color of the refrigerator whether it be black
white or almond.The procedure is all the same, now to do this repair, we’re going to start
by opening the refrigerator door and we suggest that you remove any of the items that are
in the bins on the door and then remove the bins themselves. Well, next for supporting that door, we’re
just going to grasp that gasket and we’re going to pull it away from the inner door
panel and the outer door panel. Just as a friction fit and underneath that
so we pull it out, just go all the way around the door using that method.You may pull a
little bit of Styrofoam pieces, you’re in there, but that’s all right. You just continue to work your way all the
way around the door, across the bottom, and around the top. Then we can just discard the old gasket. Now with our putty knife, we’ll just go around
those areas where some of that foam is still partially sticking out of the gap there.We’ll
just pry that out. I need to make sure that nothing won’t impede
putting that new gasket into that groove, so just insert your knife or maybe three-eighths
of an inch and on that, all way around. Next, we’ll take that new gasket, you’ll note
that there is a rigid rib on the backside of that gasket. That will fit into that gap between the inner
door panel and the outer door panel. I will start in one corner, just worked that
rib into that gap and if need be, take your putty knife just gently try open that gap
a little bit.Then, firmly press in along the edge of that gasket, so just continue to press
that gasket in underneath that liner and check and make sure we have a nice tight fit along
the edge. When it’s firmly seated, you’ll know because
when you roll the gasket up, that dark rib will have been tucked into this raised portion
on your inner door panel. Then just continue to work your way all the
way around the perimeter of the door taking caution in the corners that we don’t put too
much stress on the gasket.Again making sure that you have a nice soft fit between the
lip of that gasket and your outer door panel. Now that we’ve got our gasket fully installed,
checked along that seam to make sure it’s nice and flush, paying particular attention
to the corners, making sure they’re square. We’ve reinstalled our shelving and our repair
is complete. I told you it was an easy job. Thanks for watching and good luck with your