Hi it’s Steve from PartSelect, today we
are going to show you how to change the shelf end cap on your refrigerator, it’s a really
easy job and the only tool you may require is a soft faced hammer let me show you how
we do it. Now to do this repair we’ll start by opening the refrigerator door and we’ll
remove any items on that particular shelf and remove these clips basically you need
to tilt the top of it out just a little bit and then lift upwards on it and we’ll lift
up of the two slots on either side and then it’s just a matter of removing the defective
clip just slides off the shelf bar take the new one and make sure that we have the hooks
pointing down by the shelf bar on to the end bracket and then we’ll just line it up with
the four holes and on the top of each of these clips is a, just a little projection that
will lock it place once we’ve lined the shelf bar in place just take a little soft
faced hammer just give those a slight tap on the top to set it into place and that will
lock them in and our repair is complete, I told you it was an easy job thanks for watching
and good luck with your repair.