Hi it’s Steve from PartSelect today we are
going to show you how to change the ice dispenser crusher housing on your refrigerator, and
it’s a really easy job all you’re going to need is a Phillips screwdriver, a flat
blade screwdriver a quarter inch nut driver and maybe a pair of channel lock pliers, let
me show you how we do it. Now to do this repair we’ll need to remove the ice crusher bin,
so we’ll simply open the refrigerator door and we’ll lift up slightly on the front
of that bin and pull it forward, slide it all the way out of the freezer and then we
are going to reach in and turn the ice maker off lift up the actuator arm to the off position,
then we can close the freezer door and we’ll set the bin on a suitable work surface to
do the repair. Now with the crusher bin on a suitable work
surface we’ll begin by disassembling, if your model has the accessory shelf on the
top simply unclip that from the bin and set that aside, now we’ll need to remove the
series of Phillips screws there are two inside the bin that hold the front portion on, there
are two more at the back, two more down into the body of the bin and one that holds the
crusher activator arm. Begin by removing the two Phillips screws inside the bin and these
secure the cover to the ice bin, and we’ll rotate the bin upside down and we’ll remove
two more that hold that face blade on
and then we can remove the cover and set it aside. Next we’ll remove the Phillips screw at
the back that holds the activator arm and spring in position and they are a shorter
screw about half inch in length and the arm is under tension so take care when you release
it and then we have two more screws on the bottom that secure the metal bracket to the
ice bin, remove those and the top of the bin has a metal bracket that hooks over the top
of the ice bin so we can next just tilt that forward and disengage it and we can remove
the whole bin and then remove the crusher cover from the metal plate, now there are
a series of quarter inch hex head screws that hold that crusher housing to the metal plate
we’ll need to remove those and we’ll also need to remove the e-ring that holds the outer
shaft to the cutter bars, and we could then remove we are ready to remove the crusher
cover and seldom placed with three quarter inch hex head screws and the outer shaft is
through the front of that and it has an e-ring and a thrust washer that need to be removed
as well, so with a flat blade screwdriver now start by removing the e-ring and the thrust
washer now set those aside. Next we’ll remove the three quarter inch
hex head screws, now as you remove the last screw will hold that cover assembly to the
metal plate and we’ll need to make sure that when we reassemble this that we have
that actuator arm I the proper position, now there’s a couple of dimples on that shaft
one on each side of the metal plate and there’s a little key hole slot through that metal
plate that will allow us rotate it and pull it through but when we reassemble we need
to make sure that we have that in the proper position, so slide the cover away from the
ahead of the outer blades and we can rotate that whole assembly up with the shaft pull
through and we can disengage the hook from the dispenser cover and we can discard the
old cover, now I’m installing the new cover for me to hold the door in a opened position
we’ll kook that actuator arm into position and we’ll pull back through the metal housing,
now with the hook in position we are going to pull it back through the metal face plate
and then we are going to rotate that shaft enough to pull it through and then rotate
the housing or cover back into position. Now at this point we are going to put one
of the hex head screws back into the plate just to hold it in position don’t either
tighten it yet and then we’ll put one on the opposite side as well, try to line up
that auger through the opening now we can reassemble the thrust washer and the e-ring.
Now using a flat blade screwdriver you can pop that e-ring into position ensure that
it doesn’t bind on the thrust washer and if you have difficulty putting that e-ring
in position with the flat blade screwdriver you can use a pair of channellock pliers as
well, use caution so that we don’t damage the plastic bushing at the end of that shaft
make sure it’s firmly in position and install the last quarter inch screw into the cover,
then we’ll make sure all three of them are tight and verify that the actuator arm is
properly positioned in the metal plate so that it can’t go forward or backwards, and
that the hook is properly engaged. Next we are ready to put the assembly back
into the bin, now as we slide the auger into the bin we’ll also need to put the plastic
tri block on the end of that auger and there’s a slotted opening that fix over the end of
the auger hook and the arm can slide in underneath the whole housing, make sure we line up that
auger at the back and then we’ll need to engage the metal bracket at the front and
there are a couple of slots there you need to make sure we have those lined up properly
and once they are in position we can flip the whole assembly over holding it tightly
to the bin, and then we can install the two Phillips screws into the bottom, next we are
going to engage the spring and bracket at the back and we’ll want to hook that spring
over that plastic tab in the bottom of the bin, we’ll then rotate that bracket into
position, make sure the shaft sits down into that slot and then we’ll put the remaining
short Phillips screw to secure that and then we’ll make sure that the long end of that
spring is hooked around the bend and actuator arm and then check the tension make sure that
it holds that door in the opened positioned, now we are ready to put the front cover on,
now there’s a rectangular opening in the front cover that you’ll need to line up
and then we can install two screws on the bottom and take caution that we line these
two bottom screws up with the appropriate openings, tighten them securely and then we’ll
roll it over, insert the two on the inside okay and make sure that we had them properly
inserted, tighten them securely. Now if your model has the accessory shelf
that sits on the top simply snap that on to the side rail of the bin and we are ready
to install back into the refrigerator, now when we reinstall the bin we’ll need to
make sure that the back of the auger is lined up with the drive motor forks so open the
freezer door again check position of that auger motor and line that up, turn the ice
maker back on, slide the bin fully into position and our repair is complete I told you it was
an easy job thanks for watching and good luck with your repair.