Hi it’s Steve from PartSelect, today we
are going to show you how to change the compressor start relay on your refrigerator and it’s
a really easy job all you’re going to need is a pair of needle nose pliers and a quarter
inch nut driver, let me show you how we do it, now to do this repair we will begin by
pulling the refrigerator fat enough to get access to the back of it and then we’ll
disconnect the power to the refrigerator. Next with a pair of needle nose pliers we
are going to remove the two wires gently grasp them pull them gently till they are completely
at that point we can grasp the retaining wire clip that holds the component to the compressor,
just unhook the top portion of it and lift it out, now I found it easier to remove the
harness restraining clamp which is usually a quarter inch nut driver we’ll remove that
single screw and that will allow us to almost easily attach those wires to the new relay. And at that point we can remove the old component
and we also have an overload that is mounted on the side of the compressor we’ll just
pull that off with our pliers and we’ll drop that into position into the new relay,
once we’ve removed the overload we’ll take the red wire and we’ll feed that through
the top hole in the new overload we’ll push that through there far enough that we can
attach the overload to it as we plug it on to the overload and then we can pull that
wire back through the overload seats firmly into the housing we can install the white
wire into the side terminal push that in all the way now take the whole assembly and line
it up on the compressor with the two terminals that are there and then we’ll line up the
two bottom terminals of the relay and just press it firmly so that it seats, we’ll
take our retaining clip and hooked it in the bottom
make sure it fits into the little slot at
the backside of the front face on that overload, now hook it into the slotted opening on the
top now we’ll reinstall the clamp that holds the harness, slide that over both wires make
sure it’s pulled firmly over them so that we don’t pinch them and we’ll line it
up with the tab on the back and reinstall that screw. Now we are ready to reconnect the power and
our repair is complete I told you it was an easy job, thanks for watching and good luck
with your repair.