Hi, it’s Steve. Today, we’d like to show you how to change
the auger motor on your refrigerator. It’s a really easy job. All we’re going to need is a quarter-inch
nut driver, a number two Phillips screwdriver, a pair of slip joint pliers. Depending on your model, you may also require
a hand drill with a 1/8 inch to 3/16 inch bit, a punch, and a small hammer. Let me show you how we do it. Before we begin this repair, the first thing
we should do is to unplug the refrigerator. Next, we’ll open up the freezer and we’re
going to remove the ice bin assembly and set it aside. On this model, we will need to remove this
shield at the back, it is held in place with a single Phillips screw, and just set it aside. Then next, we’ll remove four screws that secure
the auger motor assembly to the freezer. There’s two at the front and two on the side
here. We’ll also need to remove the wire harness
plug and it’s held in place with two screws at the back. Simply unplug the harness. On this particular model, the light shield
is also attached to that auger motor assembly, so we’ll remove the single screw that secures
it, and just slide it to the left and drop it down out of the way. Now, we can take that whole assembly and we’ll
set it on a suitable work surface where we can change the motor. To replace that auger motor, our first step
would be to take the forks off of the shaft. Using our slip joint pliers, we’re going to
just reach in, get a fairly firm grip on that shaft, and then, with your nut driver or a
screwdriver, we’ll put it in between those forks and give it a sharp turn counterclockwise. That should free that up and then you can
just spin that off. We’ll set that aside to reuse. The motor itself is held to that mounting
plate with three-quarter-inch hex-head screws, and on the backside, there are two wires attached
to the motor. We’ll start by removing those and you throw
on there a snug, use your pliers to grasp the terminal and pull them off. Remove the three screws, pull the old motor
from behind and just set that aside. Now, before we install the new motor, take
one of those screws and just cut some thread holes in the openings on that motor. Just put them in a couple of turns, that will
make installation a little bit easier. Now that we have the screw holes prepped on
that new motor assembly, you should also take note the location of those holes in the original
motor and on this one does not lineup the same. What we’ll end up doing is drilling a hole
in that back plate to match it. We’ll begin by setting the motor into place,
keeping the terminals towards the center, and we’ll install, too, the screws, just hold
it in place. We’re going to flip it over and we’ll mark
the location of that third stud, then, we’ll remove those two screws temporarily, and then
we’ll drill a hole through the back of that to line it up. Now, we’ll take a couple of wooden blocks
just to support that, make sure that it lays flat, you should really use a center punch
just to make a temple. Then using about an eighth inch bit, we’ll
drill through there. We may just want to ring that out just a bit,
then, we’ll check the fit. We’ll reinstall those two vertical screws
first and then install the third one, and we’ll tighten these securely. Next, we’ll reconnect the wire harness terminals,
make sure they fit on nice and snug. Next, we’ll put the drive fork on, we’ll slide
that speed nut over the drive fork first, set it over top of the shaft and then turn
it clockwise. Then, just spin it until it’s snugged, and
again, we’ll grasp that shaft with our pliers and give it a tighten with a screwdriver. Now, we’re ready to put the assembly back
in the refrigerator. I’ll open the freezer door up again, then,
we’ll position that assembly on the top of the two mounting brackets at the back, that
will support it until we can put the screws in. Next, we’ll reconnect the wire harness, make
sure it’s fully inserted and then, put the retaining screws in. Then next, we’ll put the shield in place,
and we want to make sure that we engage these tabs on the openings on the ceiling. Then, install the retaining screw, then, the
white shield. Slide those tabs up between the floor of that
assembly at the back, slide it to the right to line up the screw hole, and then, install
the retaining screw. When we install the ice bin, we want to make
sure that we line up the auger with the dry forks on the auger motor. Make sure it sits firmly in place, and you
can close the freezer up. Reconnect the power, and our repair is complete.