G’day, Andrew here from Reformers
Bookshop, just wanting to talk to you about Iain Duguid’s book “The Whole Armor
of God”. The Christian life is a battle, and it’s a spiritual battle where we
fight against sin and the devil – with temptations and all things that draw us
away from God, and the way that He desires for us to live. In this book, Iain
talks about how Christ wore spiritual armour, and it’s that armour that God gives
to us to actually protect us in battle, and prepare us for battle. And one of the
things that struck me in particular was Iain talking about how it’s not whether
you’re a soldier for Christ or if you’re merely a bystander as a Christian, but
it’s about “are you a prepared soldier?” – and what this book really does
is it takes you through Scripture (both Old Testament and New Testament) to see what
each piece of that armor of God is, and what it looks like in our lives… with a point
that it’s all bound together by prayer. Because we’re not the ones that, when we
put it on, are able to fend and fight for ourselves… we need our commander, and that
is our God… our Lord Jesus Christ. I really recommend this book, I think that
it’s a great read.