G’day, Tom here from Reformers Bookshop.
This book here is another one in the “Building Healthy Churches” series by 9Marks and Crossway, and this particular one’s on ‘church membership’. Perhaps you
don’t know what membership’s about, you’ve never heard of it: this book’s for you. Or
maybe you’re well aware of what membership is: you’ll still find
plenty of useful stuff in this book as well.
What I really loved is how Jonathan Leeman presents churches as outposts of
Jesus’ Kingdom. And so church membership’s not about being part of a club or a
society, instead it’s about being a citizen of a kingdom, an exile, as part of
an outpost or a an embassy of that nation in a foreign country on
foreign land. And that’s what church membership’s all about, and Jonathan will
show you great ways that church membership builds up the body and
increases the glory of Christ in this world.