G’Day. Tom here from Reformers Bookshop.
A Company of Heroes is a new book by Tim Keesee Tim has spent a lot and lots of
time with missionaries who are working on the front lines – those areas in the
world where the gospel really hasn’t got a stronghold. He goes and visits
those missionaries and he documents what he sees and this book is a
compilation of stories that he tells of front-line mission work. A couple of
things that I love about this book: the first is Tim’s unfading view of Christ
as the conquering King who we follow. There’s this war that’s going on with gospel
work and Tim knows that it’s a victory that’s already won. It’s an unstoppable
force. The other thing I love is that Tim is a master storyteller. He brings
you right there so you can see what it’s like on the front lines and what that stirred in me is a great desire to evangelize even my neighbours
here where I live Rosaria Butterfield says that
all Christians should read this book and I agree. It will stimulate you to see the
great gospel work that’s going on.