Man, those guys that have been to the end
of themselves, that have wrestled their whole life with an addiction and thrown everything
away and made all kinds of horrible decisions Those guys know they need a Savior,
and those guys love Him, because He pulled them out of a pit.
I’ve been to prison time and time again, and rehabs, and it never worked. Lost both my kids. I was addicted to drugs. Heroin. A mess. I was a super proud person. I did not *invite* Him into my heart. I begged Him. “Please, come into my heart, Jesus!” Took me three times of going back to prison. That’s when I really started reaching out
for the Lord and seeking, seeking through the Scriptures, and seeing what it really
was all about. I knew they knew I was a drug addict and that
I just got out of prison. And yet they were acting as if it was the
best thing in the world for them to see me again. You know? It was the love of Christ that I saw in those
people. And I think that’s what showed me that it
was real. Reformation, Inc is a not-for-profit, and
our goal is to come alongside guys coming out of first-phase type programs with strict
accountability and then the real world where they can go wherever they want and nobody’s
asking. We want to be in-between that. My name’s John Paul. I’m an electrician for Reformation. I am James. I am a painter for Reformation. My name’s Ron – and I paint. Hah. Met a ton of guys from these programs that
love the Lord and were excited about the new life they had in Him but they get out in the
real world and it’d be hard for them to find a place to settle; there wasn’t a lot of support. I wanted to hire guys and give them a job
and disciple them while they’re on the job, and teach them a trade so they had a good
job that they can take and go build the Kingdom wherever God calls them. I’ve just seen the fruit in my life, and what
it’s done in my life, and how I’ve grown in the Lord. When I left Saul to Paul I had no job, I had
no money, I had no family really. God worked it all out, and it provided a home
for me. I’ve come a long way in a couple years. We try to do that in an all-encompassing way:
not only provide you with a house – a safe place to live, where you’re around guys that
care about holding you accountable, that care about fellowship – but worship, prayer, bible
study, and then we’re going to hook you up with a job. You’ll be, Monday through Friday, going out
on a job and learning a trade. It has shown me that you can have a Christ-centered
attitude and mindset about everything you do, even if it’s your work or even if it’s
having fun with other guys. I’m doing work that I’ve never done before,
I’m living with guys that I’ve never lived with people like this before, everything’s
different; and it’s a good thing. Like, I couldn’t make this stuff up, man. If it were left up to me, we wouldn’t be sitting
here talking about it. It’s God’s story, man!