Martin Luther Reformation Destroyed the wrong tradition although is persecuted A new era begins The laymen meet the Bible Enforces Science & Modern Society Development of Arts Honoring Human Rights New work ethic Have never been forgotten for 500 years. Why are in the place, where Calvin preached,
no more people worshipping? Why in the place, where Abraham Kuyper was,
is now deserted? Why the church in Wittenberg, where Martin Luther preached, is now dying? because the Reformation only happened there,
500 years ago, just to be remembered! It is pointless to be remembered.
Breath it until now! If the fire of Holy Spirit does not burn constantly, the Gospel is not preached, the Word of God is not proclaimed and our relationship with God is not maintained
we will die! Reformation is not to be remembered, Reformation means to keep burning, Reformation means to keep preaching, Reformation means to keep evangelizing, That is the Spirit of Reformation! Only Reformed without Evangelism, is dying! Church without Evangelism is suicidal! Indonesia 2017
500th Reformation National Convention
Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong & collegues
Reformation & Historical Dynamics 500th National Refo 2017
17 cities in Indonesia Jakarta 2017
500th Reformation National Convention
Why Reformation? What’s Next?
Reformation & Future Direction 500th International Refo 2017
Jakarta, November 14th – 19th
Stephen Tong and International Speakers