today I wanted to just really hit on something successfully dealing with pain I think you hear you you hear many stories in and in every story I just sat in the back room and listened to I’m watching these people trying open and figure out ways to keep going how do you keep going I do you keep oh when the world says everything else is supposed to the office every time you come up to a challenge you wings already give up you get here every single thing I go to I remember I was homeless and I draw from it every single time I’m going to pain I remember that I bought in pain since I was again I draw from it recycled okay get something from it you already in pain you should do something with it allow it to take you to the next level a lot of your pain to push you to greatness there’s two sides of pain and I don’t think a lot of people really understand right there’s there’s one side of pain that’s the suffering and the discontent silent pain with me there’s another thought of pain let’s go effort it’s called glory it’s called if you can find a way to push to pain there’s something greater than the other side and and if you never tap into it first time you feel can you fill wow that burn first time you feel like it’s too much that’s why bunch of us give up so much in life so quickly it’s why kids have a problem finishing things in today’s time because soon as they feel a small bit of discomfort of things they write up they’re gone I can’t do it no more but suppose I told you the greatest painting of my life is the reason I’m standing see sometimes we think the pain is what controls us is what’s actually our subconscious mind that we were tapped into that that’s what dictates most about because the pain pain is tricky because if you don’t control pain before that right back to the two sides of fake the two sides of pain see at that point I feel like a victim I feel like old man why me come on I feel I remember then on the ground I said Lou ain’t nobody gonna help me huh what makes you get up when you fall down what makes your mentality change if there’s a great situation or there’s a bad situation how do you dictate that based on the level pain cuz I think that’s what we get in trouble so when I started cycling when I started going to see these doctors I realized that I turn my greatest pain into my greatest achievement well sometimes your greatest pain damn much it’s about the greater purpose if you can find a way to push through if you can find a way to not make the much learn learn to appreciate occasions – oh shoot every day and and that’s the