If you’re not in the habit of recycling
your corrugated cardboard, now is the time to start. Corrugated cardboard is the kind that’s
smooth on the outside with a rippled center layer. Beginning in 2018, the Iowa City Landfill’s
ban on corrugated cardboard goes into effect. Corrugated cardboard can’t be thrown in
the trash, and must be recycled. This impacts everyone that uses the landfill,
including Coralville. The Iowa City Landfill charges haulers double
the tipping fee on trash loads that have a discernable amount of cardboard in them. Cardboard is something that is easily recycled,
but that’s not always put into practice. It’s estimated that the change will divert
over 4,000 tons of cardboard from the landfill each year. Coralville residents with curbside city recycling
service can flatten corrugated cardboard into sections no larger than 2 feet by 3 feet,
and put them under their recycling bin. Flattened cardboard can also be taken to the
Coralville Drop-Off Recycling Center, or at any recycling drop-off location in Johnson
County. Cardboard that has food on it cannot be recycled,
so if you have messy pizza boxes, tear off the top of the box and recycle the clean part, and place the greasy cardboard in the trash. For more information about recycling in Coralville,
visit www.coralville.org/recycling.