And We are going to replace the rear main seal. So what I have done, I have just taken all the bolts out And we are just going to take off the little plate, the retainer plate there and the drive plate Does not want to come off very easily. It is pretty tight on the crankshaft there. So I am just going to work it a little bit Slowly and and then I will try and lever it off There we go, you can see the seal there You can see that it has been leaking a fair bit We will also just nip up these bolts here Also a good idea to give it a good clean before You take it out, you do not want any of that muck going back inside there when you are putting your new seal in So just give it a bit of a light brush around and a blowout, and even if you have got a bit of solvent in a spray can Brake cleaner or whatever you use, you can Give that a bit of a squirt as well Now you might be tempted to just put a screwdriver into this and lever it out but what can happen, is you can damage that alloy housing there or Scrape the crankshaft, and then you will get a constant leak out of there So what I do I have got this little tool, I have made up out of rebar and some spring steel, and you can see it has got like a point on it And what I actually do is I hammer it just On the outer edge, not right on the edge, in a little bit in the seal. So I am damaging the seal not the…. And I will hammer that in, and then I will just use The head of the hammer to just lever it out Sometimes you might have to, because it is such a large seal You might have to do it in a couple of places to get it out, but it is very important, very critical to not damage the outer housing or the crankshaft Coming out… It is in there pretty hard So I am just going to use a screwdriver Make sure it is a screwdriver that has the metal end, or you will end up breaking the plastic on your screwdriver Just carefully There we go just started to move now It is in there pretty tight There it goes, just be careful not to push screwdriver in too far, or you will end up scratching that crankshaft there There we go there is the old rear main seal And if you care to have a look, you can see that that lip is sort of flattened out in there, it should have a nice sharp lip There is also a little Spring in there that is supposed to keep tension on it there Now I am just going to have a little peek in there Sometimes those seals will wear a little groove in the crankshaft So if that happens just try and either knock it in a little bit less or a little bit deeper in, and it will sit on a new spot but that one looks pretty good Now I have got the The new rear main seal, you can see how much of a nice sharp edge there is there And it is a lot more raised When you are tapping these in, you just try and get it in as evenly as possible And also, you need to get that lip started over that So I am just going to put a little bit of oil on there, just to make it slide on there a little bit easier And will sort of wind it on like that If that spring comes off, then you have got to start all over again And you just try and tap it in as evenly as you can And I have just got this bit of bronze or brass I am just going to run around and Make sure it is just nice and level with that surface there And that looks good There we go, the most important part is not to damage that housing there the housing or the crankshaft When you are putting it in, but it is not a difficult job to do, and I am also going to just nip up these bolts here Just make it a little bit tighter, it might reduce a bit of the oil leaking out of there as well Anyway, I hope that has showed you how to do it. It does look very simple but You have got to be very careful, again, Not to damage any of the housing or the crankshaft when you are putting the seal back in And also do not just wack it in, if that spring falls out on the inside then there is going to be nothing to take up the rubber as that is working, and the seals going to leak Anyway, thank you for watching