Hi, my name is Jereme Pitts, I’m the chief
Operating Officer of Librestream. We have hundreds of customers across nine verticals in Energy, Aviation, Heavy Equipment Manufacturing, really, kind of taking the lead on those verticals. Of the top ten companies in Aviation worldwide, Librestream has production deployment in 85% of those. So you can see, there’s really a tremendous amount of experience that comes with the technology. What we’re really seeing is a big push for
seamless integrations into large enterprise systems. So this is, “Use the system I’m already
comfortable with. I want to use this AR / Augmented Reality
platform to be able to handle all of my information, and put it back into that system so you can access it in one place.” Really big for us, and things that we’re
seeing in the industry. We’ve seen 100% year over year growth on our platform with RealWear. We’ve really seen customers take off, bring RealWear into their environment, and grow that, so we’re really, really excited about
what we’re seeing with RealWear, the growth we’ve seen with RealWear. Our customers are excited about the product. The other thing is, we’ve continued to invest in the relationship, so we’ve put a tremendous amount of technical resources into the relationship, we’ve got a phenomenal product roadmap, we’re really excited about, that’s really
going to make the platform more ubiquitous, make it real easy to bring RealWear into your environment, and scale that in your environment. We’re excited to share that with you.