Steve: Hi, its Steve for PartSelect, today
we are going to show you how to put a door handle end cap on your range, really easy
job, only need a couple of tools, a Philips screw driver, and a 1/4” nut driver, let
me show you how it’s done. Now the first step in installing the door
handle end cap is to remove the door from the range, set it on a flat work surface.
So remove the door just open it to the [indiscernible] [00:00:23] position, it should stay there,
and grasping each side just simply pull it off of the hinges and now we can set a suitable
work surface, and we can change the handle end cap. Now that we have the door sitting on a suitable
work surface, our next job is to remove three Philip screws on the bottom of the door, and
three along the top that separate the outer door from the inner door. Now that we’ve
removed the three screws along the bottom, simply flip the door over, gently let’s
lay it on its back, and remove the three screws from the top trim. Just support top of the
door as you remove the last screw, now we can lift the outer door off, of the inner
door, which will give us access to the screw that holds the handle end cap in place. Now with the inner and outer door separated,
and the outer door on a suitable work surface, we next need to remove the ¼ inch hex head
screw on whichever end that you are replacing the end cap, simply remove that screw, and
the large plastic washer behind it, now set the screw and the washer aside, and we should
be able to slide the end cap off of the handle, now it’s just a matter of installing the
new one in the same manner. Sometimes we found that these may be a little
snug fitting into the metal portion of the handle, you may need to shave a little bit
off, of those tabs on either side, it should slide all the way in, and we’re ready to
reinstall the screw. Once we have the end cap fully inserted onto the handle, just line
it up the hole through the outer door panel, the o-noses flat washer has a projecting point
on the bottom, line that up with the hole through the frame, and reinstall the ¼ inch
hex head screw. Don’t over tighten it, check the other end and make sure it’s snug, now
while we have the outer door panel off; it’s probably a good time to clean the inner glass,
make sure that it’s dry before you put the door back together. It’s a good time as well to clean the inner
surface of the glass on the window, before you reassemble it, then we’ll lay it on
a stable work surface, with the top facing towards us, and then we’ll lay the outer
door glass on the top of it, and we are ready to reinstall the three Philip screws across
the top, tighten it all firmly but make sure that you don’t let the screw driver slip,
and mar the painted finish on the screw, incisions will be visible, simply turn the door around,
install the three screws across the bottom. Now that we have the door reassembled, we
are ready to reinstall it on our range. Now before we begin to install the door, make
sure both hinges are in the blow out position, and grasping the door by the sides, simply
line up one hinge, and then the other, slide it down to the bottom, make sure a gap is
even across the top, and our repair is complete. That’s just how easy it is to change the
door handle end cap on your range, thanks for watching, and good luck with your repair.