Hi, it’s Steve. Today, we’re going to show you how to change
the door handle on your range and it’s a really easy job. All we’re going to need is a Phillips screwdriver. Let me show you how we do it. Now, to replace the door handle, if you’re
just replacing the bottom one, you simply slide that drawer open and there are two Phillips
head screws located on the inside of that drawer panel. You’re just going to loosen those screws and
then, remove the handle. Now, to install the new handle, we suggest
that you take one of those screws and just run it into that opening just to set some
threads for that to adhere to. Once you’ve done that, put the screw back
through the front panel and just snug it up slightly, move over to the opposite end
and line that one up, and then, tighten both of them securely. Now, if it is the oven door handle that you’re
replacing, we’ll show you the method for that. Now, to do this repair, I want to start by
opening the oven door. I suggest that we pop down these little door
locks, these two little tabs, one on either side on the hinges. They’re used to lock the door in a partially
open position. We’ll just use that as a safety so that when
we have the handle off, if the door closes on it, it makes it easier to get it back open. This will prevent it from actually closing. With the door in an open position, we’re just
going to remove two screws that secure handle, one on either side. The screws are designed so that they won’t
come completely out, but they will release the handle. We can just lift that handle off and discard
it. You’ll also need to hold the door panel in
place until you put the new handle on. While supporting that door, we’ll remove the
old handle. Now, when installing the new handle, we’ll
want to make sure that that notch is pointing down. We’ll push that screw through the opening
at the front. That will allow us to align that hole on the
handle up with the screw. Let’s do that right now. Okay. The easiest way to do that is to push the
screw right through the outer door panel, line it up with the hole on the handle, and
then, just carefully start that screw into the handle, and go to the opposite side, and
then, we’ll tighten both of them securely. Once we have both tightened, we can release
the door locks, press them into the vertical position. Now, that we’ve tightened the screws on the
handle, our repair is complete.