– Oh my God! Are you guys like pranking me? Am I going against
a professional artist? – I can draw with both hands
and my feet. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) We’ve brought in
a professional artist to go undercover and challenge
some unsuspecting reactors to a draw off. Today, we’re going to be putting
your artistic abilities to the test with a little drawing competition. – Oh, that’s so fun!
I love it! Are you good at drawing though? – Eh.
– ‘Cause I’m like eh. – I don’t animate,
but I watch animation channels. You can call it studying. – I do draw.
I think I’m good. – I’ve been like an artist
for my entire life. I don’t know if I’m the best artist,
but I think I can, a least, draw. – (FBE) So we’re gonna do
a few different rounds, each with slightly different rules,
to see who can draw the best in the least amount of time. – Okay. – (FBE) Are you ready?
– I’m ready! – I’m not! – (FBE) For the first round,
you will have five minutes to draw a famous
Scooby Doo character of your choosing. Whoever finishes and has
a complete drawing is the winner. – Okay, I don’t know
how great I’ll do without a reference. I’ll see what my mind
can come up with. – (FBE) Yeah, you gotta do this
from memory. – (laughs) See, that’s where
I am extremely weak. But we’ll see what happens. – Let’s see if I can do it.
Think you can do it? – I don’t think I can I do it. This is the worst challenge
you could ever put me on. What does a dog look like? – I think he has four legs. – ♪ Scooby dooby Doo ♪
♪ Where are you ♪ What happened to those good cartoons? – (FBE) It’s still around.
– Still around! – What color was
the blonde dude’s shirt? – (FBE) White.
– Fred? – It was [bleep] white? – (FBE) It’s white and blue.
– With blue pants. He’s like macho, right?
– (FBE) Yeah, he’s… – No.
– Oh no? – Depends on which
rendition of him. – Ah, I gave him too short of a torso. – He’s emo Shaggy.
– (FBE) He went through a phase. – Yes, how old is Shaggy?
– We all go through. He’s technically a teenager. – He is?
He looks like he’s like 30. – I also haven’t watched
Scooby Doo since I was like five. So if this interpretation
is entirely wrong, I’m sorry. I think I’m gonna try Velma. ‘Cause the glasses
make it a lot easier. – That does not look like an ear. – (FBE) Jayka did you watch
Scooby Doo growing up? – Um, a little bit. – Everybody had to,
because it never went off the air! – I know he has like this messy.
– I mean, it’s Hollywood. – Like, high vibe hair. – (FBE) High vibe?
– You know, he’s a pothead. – We’ll make him a belt.
– Eh, sometimes you need something around the face.
– We’ll make a Gucci. We’ll give him a Gucci belt.
Let’s give him an ass too. – This is supposed to be
like a ball of energy by the way. I don’t know what else to do,
like this looks exactly like him. – Her hair’s like so basically shaped,
but I can’t remember. Oh, this is so poor.
Maybe this is like a different, new universe interpretation of her. – This looks like Scooby Doo on crack.
This looks like a mouse. – I have no idea how to do like anything from
the fricking shoulders down. – This does not look like him at all. This kinda looks like Carrot Top
or something. This looks like Shaggy,
this looks more like… – No Shaggy’s and Velma’s son. – Oh yeah, oh yeah,
that’s looking real good right now. – Oh my God! Are you guys like pranking me? Am I going against
a professional artist? – No, she didn’t have orange hair,
did she? She had brown hair, oh my God.
She had an orange sweater, no! Well, in this version,
she has orange hair, ’cause I can’t erase this.
So, new interpretation. – I’m not doing very well.
Wow! – All the like, cartoons
that I watched in Mexico, they were on like Spanish,
but Scooby dooby Doo, it stayed with Scooby dooby Doo. I mean, the song was in Spanish.
♪ Scooby dooby Doo ♪ – It stayed in Swedish too. – (gasps) That is so pretty!
– Thank you. – She’s amazing. – Let’s get him a nice blunt
in the back, we’ll get some smoke back there. – I feel so, this looks like…
– Wow, wow! I hate that I looked at yours! – I made her way too tall,
this is so off model. – Did you, do you see hers? She has like four characters
in the span of five minutes that look spot on to each character. – I have one question.
– Mm-hmm? – Do you think…
– No, that looks [bleep]. I mean, sorry,
I just swore in front of a child. – Mom!
(Avian laughs) – Okay, she’s going ham right now.
Mine’s cute though. – (FBE) Yours is adorable.
– Have heart! – How many are you doing, sis? – Is that Fred?
– This is so nice. Did you guys trick me into this? She’s obviously gonna win
all of the next ones. – If I looked at her,
I’d know what I did terribly wrong. – (FBE) If you wanted a reference,
there’s one right next to you, ’cause Avian here has drawn
a few different characters. – Oh my God,
I should’ve looked over there, that looks just like her!
Oh no! (laughs) You have like a little
cheat code for me right there, and I didn’t even look. – (FBE) Avian is actually
not a new reactor, she’s a professional artist
and has worked on several TV shows. – Of course she is!
What? – Yep, I actually work
on Scooby Doo. – What? – Which TV shows?
(gasps) No way, what? – I worked for Hasbro for Stretch Armstrong
and the Flex Fighters. I worked for Disney
for Puppy Dog Pals. – Oh my gosh. – I’ve worked for,
actually multiple shows. – Oh my gosh! – Like how does just animating feel? – Animation is my life,
my dream. – How did you start at art? – I started at art by,
by same way as you. I started drawing on walls. (laughs) – But she actually got somewhere. – I have the most respect
for stuff like this. Even like a little sketch of Shaggy, which you don’t think
is the best thing, it looks like the most adorable
interpretation of him. – You guys tricked me! I was literally watching you
the whole time, and I kept looking back,
I was like why are you making me, this is so good! – Do you think Shaggy,
this can make the cut for the new animation? Let’s just keep it as a maybe.
(both laugh) – (FBE) This final round
that we’re gonna do, it’s not a competition anymore.
– Okay. – (FBE) There’s just one of our
YouTube users, Sigma Rex requested that we draw Peter Pan as a werewolf. So if you wanna do your
best take on it, Avian’s gonna take
her best chance. – Wow. – (FBE) Do you have any tips or tricks
that could help Izzy out on becoming–
– Yeah, I need a lot of tips. – What are the things do you think
you feel like you’re lacking? – Uh, everything.
– You said wolf? I thought we left the werewolf life
back in the day in Twilight. – How do draw hair, so…
– (screams) I’m so scared. – Basically it’s all these strokes,
and then, yeah, there you go, see? If you’re gonna be
in story art, which is different
than storyboard artist, you can have your own style,
but I’m a style mimicker, so as a storyboard artist,
I’ll take somebody else’s vision, and I will continue that. ‘Cause sometimes, you know,
they will need somebody to continue on
when they leave off. – Dang it, why couldn’t it
be like a hand turkey. It had to be Peter Pan.
– Be a hand turkey! Be a hand turkey Peter Pan.
– I’m gonna make Peter Pan into a hand turkey.
– Have fun! So he’s standing there,
looking awesome. Draw from observation. It’ll train you eye,
it will train your hand. – It’s like another language to me. – Yeah, so that’s,
you start off with a skeleton, and then you build up. The hair is gonna work this way,
and then it’s gonna work this way. – Ooh!
It looks like Rocket. – Rocket Raccoon, yeah. – As someone who’s in art college,
and who’s gonna take storyboarding classes, like next year,
do you have like any general advice? – Here is the advice.
Listen to your body. – Okay. – It’s so easy to
be so excited about this stuff, ’cause you’re working in animation,
this is like your dream, but you can get so excited
about your dream that you put so much
of yourself into it that there’s nothing left for you. Take care of yourself
first and foremost. – I’m gonna have Peter Pan
be, I don’t know, a car. A car Peter Pan
with a feather. – What does his hat look like? Can you show me how to draw a hat?
– It looks like this, with a little dip,
and then. Always great to just
look from life. It’s the same way as an actor,
as a writer, as anyone. Draw, take from life. – Weren’t you drawing
with your left hand? – Yep. – And now with your right? – I can draw with both hands,
and my feet. Do you want me to demonstrate? ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Does Peter Pan have a long neck?
I don’t know, we’ll make his neck green. – (FBE) He’s very green,
and he’s very, uh… – He has a feather, right? What color’s his feather?
– Red. Why do you do this? – Honestly, for as long
as I can remember, it’s just been thing thing
that I was drawn to the most and what felt right for me. Compared to when I would study, or go out and work
and do different things, I figured that was just
the obvious choice for me. – Good, that is the correct answer. – (FBE) Can you draw
Tinker Bell, Avian? – I think I can.
– Of course she can. She’s gonna have purple hair, okay? – (FBE) She’s a punk Tinker Bell.
– Way better, way better. – (FBE) Hey, yours is adorable. – (Izzy) Thanks!
– (Avian) It’s cute! – It looks like Hello Kitty. In the comments, they can
tell me what they think this is. – It’s mainly just Peter Pan
going into puberty. – This was lovely,
thank you guys so much and thank you so much
for coming in. – If you tell me that’s Shaggy,
I know. – So this is how I draw
with my feet. Just in case I lose both my arms
because I still wanna be employed in storyboarding.
– Nothing is stopping you guys. I don’t wanna hear you complain
ever again in your lives. This is proof, okay?
Just get it done. Whatever you gotta do. – Thank you so much for watching. You wanna see more of my art, you can go to
@Avian_Anderson on Twitter or on Instagram,
see my stuff. Let’s connect.
Bye bye!