Productivity Open is an Industrial rated Arduino
compatible platform. Now, to answer the big question, why do you
need industrially rated Arduino? First and foremost the Productivity Open IO,
is designed to withstand higher voltages, industrial loads and has improved electrical
noise isolation. Now, these three factors have been the main force holding
back Arduino from entering the industrial realm. Then there is the professional design of
the Productivity Open which allows for easy to use wiring options, din rail mounting,
and an overall presentation that you can feel confident in presenting to your customers. And finally the Productivity Open modules
are CE and UL certified. So not only do you get a presentable and easy
to use platform, but you are also getting one that holds up to the standards in the
industrial realm. This system starts with the P1AM-100 CPU. This CPU is designed to be Arduino MKRZero
compatible. The beauty to this design is just how many
ways you can expand and grow it to meet your system needs. You can add the industrially proven IO modules
from the Productivity 1000 PLC line, and you can also use our industrially rated Arduino
compatible shields or even many of the 3rd party Arduino compatible shields that work with the MKRZero form factor. Now, you can use industrial rated modules
and also add specialized Arduino compatible modules to your process. Giving you the utmost flexibility that will
satisfy both the Makers and the demanding industry professional. On the CPU we have a micro USB port, micro
SD card slot and a programmable toggle switch and CPU LED. When you add a Productivity power supply it
will attach and lock in securely using these clips. When expanding your unit with the industrially
proven and certified Productivity IO modules, you can add up to 15 modules if you are using
the P1-02AC or up to 8 modules if you are using the P1-01AC or P1-01DC. The Productivity expansion IO modules are
all UL and CE certified and come in three categories, Discrete, Analog and Specialty modules. For discrete modules you have a full range
of options that include Input, Output and Combo Input/ Output modules. Analog modules also come in Input, Output
and Combo Input/Output modules with a variety of analog options. Then there are specialty modules that includes the simulator modules, the high
speed counter and the PWM module. Then there are the Productivity Open shields
that connect to the left side of the CPU. With an Ethernet card and also a General-purpose
IO module. Also you can add 3rd party Arduino shields,
by dropping off the power supply and then inserting the specialized shields to the left
side of your system. These shields will need to be compatible with
the MKR microconroller If you are using Arduino compatible 3rd party
shields, you will need to use an external power supply. With all the ways to expand your system, the
Productivity Open takes the best of the open source Arduino world and makes it possible
to withstand the demanding industrial world. With a 2-year warranty, free shipping on orders
over $49.00, a 30-day money guarantee, free product support and 24-hour online ordering that ships
the same day, the Productivity Open truly gives you more than you pay for. If you have any questions on the Productivity
Open platform, please feel free to comment below or see our online technical community. Select here to see more videos on the Productivity
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