Stay here for now! Cover the end of the train tracks! MG is in front of there and shooting! 50. cal MG on the opposite side! Left of the tracks, in the trees!
Yes! We’ll just wait! Halftrack or tank!
Understood! Sniper on the most recent infantry mark! Let the Puma check it out… Firefly straight ahead, moving on the bridge! We can get him! Vade, see him?
Firefly is on other side of the bridge, 50m! Driver, drive towards 2h, 5m forward! Stay on the train tracks but face 2h, advance 5m! Gunner shoot be able to fire then! Gunner go to 10h!
Mark is more or less accurate! Just keep advancing slowly, that works!
Go get him boys! And stop! See him!
Right, fire at will! Hit! That went through the turret! He can’t do anything… Falling back! Firefly is retreating!
Firefly is coming closer, Tiger boys! Yes! We fired on him, he’s retreating for now! Just wait! He’s still there! Low now! Puma is firing on him as well! Do it!
I can try! Do it! Fire nice and close to it!
Good work boys! That hit!
We’re getting contacts south of the bridge as well! You saw where that came from! Hit! He’s gone!
Nice! Firefly destroyed! Must’ve been the 232! No, we did that!
We’ve got smoke or something here! Yes, reverse! Just reverse! Reverse straight! I think those are mortars, but still, we’re spotted. Just get back! Could be Puma firing, hard to tell…
11h, infantry! Infantry behind us! 9h roughly!
Ok! Yes, get out of here! Head out to the right, onto the field! Drive us back! Yes, getting out!
Engine hit! Can’t turn around! Another one! One did nothing!
In the forest! In the forest! Don’t move! He’s right behind the tank! Yes, turning the turret! The turret is so slow!
Got one, right on the tank! MG, get out! I’ll cover, you fix it! Alright! Be advised: We’ve got enemy infantry in the rear, they’re working on the Tiger! On the train tracks! Engine is fixed!
Ok, get in and let’s get out! Need to repair! AT has to handle it! Shit, wrong chat… Following situation: Firefly was hit by the Puma a few times on the northern bridge, fell back, repaired! Could be heading south to see what’s up, wether he can cross – If so we can blast him! Should be nice and open! Need to be careful we don’t get caught by anything else! But should be fine, should work out! Don’t think they… Bingo! Firefly, 10:30h! Did not see us yet, moving all the way south! Far south! Don’t know what he’s up to… How far is he? 300-400! Stay like that with the turret, I’ll follow him! Let’s have a look… He can’t get out far without… being seen. He’ll drive on the road for sure! You can cover the road there, at 10:30h! With got a breaktrough north of factory…
What’s he doing? There he goes! Yes, there he goes! No, truck! Don’t fire, not on the truck! The Firefly is behind that, don’t reveal ourselves! We need to use the fact he’s oblivious! I don’t know, looked like he went further south… but he can’t cross there, so don’t know what he’s up to. There he comes! Coming to the road! 300m! He’s not in sights quite yet! Wait ’till he’s really on there! He’s playing it slow! 10:30h or where?
Yes, 10:30h! There he goes, more right!
See him! Ok! Fire!
Shall I fire? Hit! Hit the lower left! Nice, hit! I’m dead! I’m moving up!
Yes! MG, go driver!
Wow, what was that?! Time? Time? 10:30h! 10:30h! He’s smoking us! Right at the trees! Perfect, hit! Keep at it! Don’t move! Don’t move! We got him! What?!
Sounded like a hit! Smoked off… Just wait! The smoke is working for us, we’ve got cover! Hitting the bunker, need to move up a meter! Not yet, once I can see! Move up a meter now! move up! Advance!
1m! Woa, jerked it! Use the bunker as cover! Now fire back!
Enough, stop! Tank stop!
don’t see him anymore! Face left! Oh lord!
Where’d he go?! Left! Stop, tank stop! No, not that far! Not that far! Keep calm! More right! Right! Right! Here, hold here! Perfect!
Sorry! Left of the tree! Left of the tree!
Right or left of the tree? Hit! Keep at it! Left of the tree! Past the tree close to the left! You’re hitting him! Now he’s facing his ass, now right of the tree! Hit the cupola now! See him! Nice! Good work! That got hectic, fuck me… Firefly caught and destroyed at the southern bridge! Need to repair badly, pulling back! Get to the repair, home! Holy shit…