Hello my friends, welcome for our new do-it-yourself video for the Porsche 944 Today we’ll address a typical problem of the 944 At the glove compartment cover the hangers break rather often Here the right side is still in order, but the left hanger is broken off Any trial to glue the part will fail But I have a perfect solution for you My friend Richard has developped this new hangers and he is selling them In contrast to the original the new hangers are made of metal You may buy the hangers at WPO, the address you see here This is a repair, which everybody can do himself, I’ll show you every single step You open the glove compartment, below you’ll find 3 Phillips head bolts Remove the bolts Phillips head number 2 And here is the third one That’s it already Remove the cover, turn it upwards while moving forward That’s the cover, here the still good hanger and one the other side the broken one We have to dismount the inner paneling from the cover There are a lot of small Phillips number 1 screws around here And the large bolts are Phillips number 2 The other side of the closing element Remove the closing element of the twist lock I’ll changed to a Phillips number 1 bit and I remove all the small screws Also in the corner is a small screw The last one here also And one more little screw here in the middle Remove carefully the paneling First the hinge band drops off and then the paneling is off Before installing the new hanger, we have to flatten the breaking point For flattening you may use a drill grinder Work slowly when grinding the plastic, it shouldn’t heat up The hanger has a small cavity, now it is sitting perfect Insert the hanger in the paneling and screw the paneling on the cover Press the paneling in the cover, the hanger is in Insert the hinge band, check that the holes are aligned Insert the screw, and always for screws in plastic: Turn it a little counterwise to find the thread, and then screw it in Don’t fasten yet, first insert all screws Now comes one screw after the other Have you seen, now it is in the thread Now all the screws of the upper side, it have been several screws And the last of the seven screws on the other hanger When all screws are in their threads, fasten them But carefully, the plastics threads don’t survive a high torque Holding the driver just with two fingers is already enough The bolts with the washers come here Search a little for finding the thread The same procedure at the other side Here you may fasten with a higher torque, the threads are in brass bushes Mount the closing element, place it in the old mold It has long holes, but when it is placed in the old mold the adjustment is correct Fasten it by two metric bolts, one for the beginning And the other side This bolts you may fasten stronger than the small screws, but don’t exaggerate So, our glove compartment cover is fine again You see, how well the new hanger is fixed, it doesn’t need any further support Compare it with the wiggly original See, how well it is constructed Mounting the cover is again rather easy Here are the slits, here the hangers must enter on both sides When it is in, close the cover It holds like this and we can mount the bolts Mount the 3 bolts, that’s the first. Search the holes and insert them After inserting all the bolts, fasten them Like this is okay, no elephant will dance on it But the new hangers would even survive this Fasten the last bolt and the job is done You see, the glove compartment is fine again You’ll find a lot of interessting offers at WPO, have a look at the site From time to time I’ll show you in videos how to install these parts Bye, bye, see you in our next video