welcome to peep this out reviews with Ian K stay frosty Pizza Hut accomplishes “inconceivable” by improving upon its already legendary original pan pizza but
did they mess with a good thing or is it truly a cut above and that’s what I hope
to find out as we go in on their new and improved original pan pizza and as you
guys can see pretty standard so far guys what you’re looking at is a three item
special I’ve got here we’ve got ground beef we’ve got some red onions as well
as mushrooms on top of their original pan a new and improved original pan
featuring supposedly a more flavorful blend of cheese and sauce along with
being baked in a newly engineered type of pan to deliver the golden buttery
goodness as you guys supposedly see at the very end there and I say supposedly
because it looks a little on the drier side but supposedly nice and crispy
we’ve got a nice dense chewiness in the middle supposedly as well and that’s
gonna light up the flavor overall let me see if I can lift one of these up here
take a look at it well it does look fairly buttery as you guys can see right
there guys and on the very bottom definitely gold and golden brown I think
this is gonna be pretty tasty I mean it looks really tasty anyway it’s Pizza Hut
pizza and definitely a solid amount of toppings here the cheese looks pretty
fantastic but it’s all about this crust and exactly what this is gonna bring to
the party here the legendary pan pizza here at pizza hut supposedly being upgraded
to something better took three years plus to make it and
let’s see if it makes it in flavor guys this is the new and improved original
pan pizza here at Pizza Hut for $9.99 three toppings let’s peep out this
flavor so if you’re a fan of high-quality delicious looking food
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now let’s dive into this one well I had a feeling it was gonna be buttery
because it’s the pan pizza here at Pizza Hut it usually is but I didn’t know by
how much until I lifted up this first slice guys my fingers are completely
drenched right now let’s give us a go it’s the new and improved supposedly
original pan pizza here at Pizza Hut well hold on a second well this is a
little bit of a shocker for me right now because while yes it is definitely chewy
in the middle because naturally the first bite that you take is closest
towards the center guys the sauce itself is reminding me of Costco’s pizza it’s
almost the same thing I kid you not let me keep going mm-hmm
that’s the same thing to me well I got to be honest like always guys I’m not
really getting anything above and beyond that Costco type of tomato sauce that’s
on this and the cheese itself is not jumping out in me either I’m very
surprised the bottom definitely looks like it’s got more butteriness to it
there and my fingers are definitely greasy with it but I’m not really
getting an overabundance of flavor with this one even with the toppings that I
have this is really really strange I mean it tastes okay but even as I’m
looking at the side of the slice here right now you can definitely see the
butteriness on the very bottom it is crispy but it does not have that flavor
that I was looking for for some reason and again that tomato sauce is
straight-up Costco to me right now that is just crazy let me keep going with it
again man I’m pretty disappointed in this I really
am I’m definitely digging that ground beef on this pizza for sure but
everything else on this right now guys the main highlight that I was looking
forward to with the crust itself let me see if I can actually break this apart
here and just try it by itself it’s definitely buttery like I said my
fingers right now are very very greasy and you guys can see how golden that is
on the very bottom but guys I am just not feeling this at all and that’s
really sad because the presentation’s not bad I’m not feeling what’s new and improved
about this I really feel like it’s a little bit more of a step backwards for
some reason but I really really am hoping that the crust just gets better
and better as I get into it but the more I get into it I’m not really tasting
anything even though like I said it is drenched on the very bottom guys but the
flavor is just not there well I got to admit the supposedly new and improved
upgrade to the original pan pizza is anything but in my opinion it’s
definitely got the butteriness on the bottom but the flavor for it is just not
there whatsoever really not feeling the overall flavor with this one and like I
said the tomato sauce itself is very Costco like not sure what they really
had with this one aside from just the
marketing of it maybe but guys no bueno man this pizza is literally just minutes
old and considering the three toppings that I chose I thought it was going to
be a good combination to go with the supposed newness of the sauce the cheese
as well as the crust but unfortunately most of it was pretty flavorless guys
and I’m really blown away by that because everything looked pretty
fantastic you definitely had the butteriness to the crust itself but just
nothing was jumping out aside from the nice chewiness that I was getting from
the middle I expected that because I’m towards the middle in the beginning but
I guess if you’re not getting that flavor initially right off the break
after the first bite things really need to pick up and hopefully when you get to
the crust it’s gonna be good but guys very disappointed I can’t believe it is
as low-scoring as it’s about to be so with that said I’m gonna have to give
the new and improved original pan pizza here at Pizza Hut a very lackluster 4.5 out of 10 it’s definitely below average at least for the version
that I got right now because the flavor was not there guys I can literally go to
Costco for $9.99 and get it even bigger pizza with even more toppings with the
same type of sauce that’s what really blew me away with this one it tastes
like Costco tomato sauce why wouldn’t I just go to Costco for that so I’m glad I
checked this one out because I was very curious about it but I’m also very
disappointed at the overall result but what can you do they can’t all be
winners right then again let me not speak too soon you may actually think
this pizza looks like a winner now do you drop some comments down below how
excited are you to give this supposedly new and improved original pan pizza here a
shot at pizza hut and if you’re really looking forward to giving it a go which
toppings are you gonna get drop those comments down below and definitely let
me know and with that this is Ian K closing out another episode of peep this
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you stay tuned for that next review coming real soon in the meantime stay
frosty you know that saying what’s old is new again well after today’s review
Pizza Hut please bring back the original pan pizza I mean the original one not
this new one please alright everyone until next time I’ll
talk to you soon but hey before you go and since you’ve made it to the end of
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