( ♪♪ ) (Kayla – Student:) I didn’t know that a pharmacy technician does as much as they actually do. I’ve done ten times better in this program just because it interests me and I really put forth all my effort for it. (Jody – Instructor:) The Pharmacy Technician program here prepares students to work in a pharmacy, assisting the pharmacist in the various tasks and duties that would be involved in preparing medications. One of the strengths with the technical college, especially with programs like this … they prepare the students for an occupation when they’re done. I’ve worked in three different areas in pharmacy, so it kind of helps my students. I can give them a perspective on both long-term care, community pharmacy, along with hospital. The overall value is priceless. (Kayla – Student:) It’s really hands-on, and it’s actually fun. So I’m looking forward to finding a job so I can have fun every day ( laughter ). ( ♪♪ )