Hello everyone! Today I will show you how to replace the drive belt. On the Peugeot 308 located down here. It’s easy and you can do it yourself at home. Let’s start from the beginning. We’re taking the gedor 30 and one continuation. You can also use another tool. Put on this screw. Pull to yourself. And when you pull to the end you’ll see here There is here a fuse that you put in the groove. release And the strap is loosened. And you just dropped it down. Aaaa I forgot to tell you… There behind, right down there One pipe we have to pull. Now I’m going to show you. Here I hope to see it. Here we have to pull that pipe. To release the belt. We pulled off the belt. Up is Dayco 6pk905 length. Dayco is the first installation in French cars. Now will mount belt. We put it down. We have to pull this pipe back. To free pulley. It would be easier to be with two hands but … It was a little badly designed by the manufacturer. Here you have heard that the belt has sat in its own right.. Let’s get this inside. Let belt into place. Now again we return to the bolt and the fuse. We’re putting gedor in my case. Pull Remove this fuse. And release. And the belt is automatically tensioned. Since there are automatic tensioner does not need anything manually. And that would be it.