[Sounds] [Drums] Performance improvement plans that appeared to be a bit of a nightmare for you because you know you pulled into a meeting and told you need to buck your ideas up effectively and we’re going to be monitoring you and here’s your targets, soon it’s very stressful you know what a bad day at the office. Actually you can actually turn that into a really good silver lining that particular cloud by if for example you decide to leave you might accept, okay they don’t really want me here anymore and this is just some long painful death effectively. Um, why not cut that short and basically get in there and then negotiate yourself an exit package? Try and go for all the money that they would have paid you whilst you were going to be on this performance improvement plan so that’s your salary, plus something additional for the management time that it would take them to actually sort this all out with you and then they’ve got a factor in from their point of view the risk or the chance from your point of view that you will actually um succeed, so you’ll actually beat that performance improvement plan in which case you know they’re still in a….. in a situation where they’re still looking to get rid of you. When you combine all these factors and we know often that employers use these to get rid of people who are actually good and who they just don’t want to pay off in terms of a redundancy payment for example, so they are misused at lot by employers. And obviously if that’s happening to you, you should definitely look at negotiating yourself an exit package deal. And there’s lots of ways to do that with….. with performance improvement plans.