hey friends this video will give you three ways three key ways for you to help yourself significantly increase motivation focus productivity positivity and success and where motivation focus productivity positivity and success go well happiness and fulfillment are probably not far behind it’s a lot of good things a motivation focus productivity positivity success happiness and fulfillment all great things all right here are my suggestions and these aren’t just my suggestions by the way because they’re based on studies and interviews of highly successful people they aren’t ranked at any particular order of importance and I’m only giving you three of them because these are three really important ones and each of them is highly advisable they are constructive and resourceful okay number one have a non-negotiable meditation and mindfulness morning ritual notice I said non-negotiable and ritual by this I mean you do it every day no ifs ands or buts see my other videos on creating new rituals habits and systems for scientifically proven best method of creating a new habit when you create a mindfulness and meditation ritual you have established a proven way to optimize your energy focus and productivity each day meditation and mindfulness get you calmed centered energized present and focused on your personal power your priorities and on your day’s activities meditation and mindfulness increase your health both psychologically and physiologically they also put you in that optimal personal power state for peak performance and peak experiences although also throughout your entire day I can see my other videos for more information on both meditation and mindfulness and also visualization without this practice we often begin and continue our day with scattered focus energy and poor productivity you know Tim Ferriss the famed author of such books as the 4-hour workweek interviewed over 200 highly successful people find out what their secrets were and Ferriss found that 80% of these people have a morning mindfulness practice well they do it it might be a good advice for us they get centered and focused on their energy and the priorities first thing each morning they don’t leave their focus motivation energy and productivity levels up to fake chants or the motivation guides okay the second new habit for you to establish is and first actually before I go into a please like share and subscribe here on my youtube channel and also at Christopher badson calm okay number two each night pick one mindset or self-improvement thing to focus on the next day have you ever read a book gone to a seminar had a conversation or simply immerse yourself in thought and had a great aha moment you know where a light bulb flashed on and you told yourself hell yeah I’m going to do that or I’m going to use that and did you do that or use that more importantly did you habitually do or use it and at a mastery level I don’t know you but I know that you’re a human being and the chances are then if you’re like 99% of the rest of us chances are you either didn’t do it or use it or you maybe kind of sorted did it once or twice then because you hadn’t yet retrained your subconscious to adopt it as a new habit or mindset or skill you never really used it again keep an active list of the things you want to do such as the things we’re talking about here in this video in my other videos because the simple truth is it takes awareness intention great emotion in ritual to create new beliefs and habits sometimes if we have an intense experience our subconscious beliefs and habits do change in just a quick moment that’s not that common most often it requires purposeful repetitive practice and emotion on our part so keep a simple abbreviated list of changes you want to make keep this list on your smartphone and your computer have alarms go off review it throughout the day every day pick one thing each day to focus on the next day write out reminders and alarms in your phone and computer for the next day and put paper stick it’s post-its up around your office or home and then focus on that one thing that one change of one new habit for at least one day but probably for week to three weeks maybe even more if it’s something significant and more difficult takes more repetition it most often takes a great compelling emotion and repetition among a few other things to affect deep significant lasting change so create those mechanisms to remind yourself each day repost the word each day delete the language you use the day before create a new way to say what your intention is each day that you’re working on the same thing because we leave the same notes or post-its on our phone or computer and the mirrors on the wall it’s easy for them to just become sort of part of our environment their power to help affect change in us diminishes or evaporates by writing remember remain reminders out each and every day and by forcing yourself to use different wording different phrasing and different aspects of the change you want to make each day you force your sin creases the neural connections in your brain that are associated with new knowledge new habit new mindset new behaviors and new results it also creates new engaging and inspiring ways of perceiving the change or after as a constant reminder each and every day don’t ignore cliches the aha moment you’ve had or the other things you see in the world and become cliches to you and perhaps and probably to other people also often we start to ignore these or minimize them because like the post-its and electronic reminders I’ve just suggested that you change every day to keep novelty in it these cliches begin to seem obvious simplistic and old news old stories because we’ve seen them so many times for so many years there’s no novelty no newness or no significant impact in them to us but cliches become cliches because of the simple often profound truths in them so don’t dismiss them consciously or unconsciously okay my third ritual I’m going to suggest that will have a great positive impact on your attitude your mindset your motivation your focus personal power your performance and productivity each day that is what do you think every evening or night prepare for the next day every evening or night then let it go for that night anyway prepare the single word for personal development in your mind set your attitude in your action that you’re going to focus on the next day and prepare every night your daily activity so you spend most all of your time the next day on activities directly associated with your life main thing your life passion purpose or main goal this way you’re less likely to be distracted the next day by fire drills and other people it also sets your mind to begin consciously exploring creative solutions while you sleep that night that’s it once you’ve done that you prepared the evening it’s also important that once you’ve made your determinations for the next day your choices your goals your word your focus and just let it all go because we don’t want you going to sleep stressed with a racing mind or worried quality sleep is incredibly important or physiological and psychological health into our focus energy and productivity throughout the day by the way consciously let the thing go before you go to sleep don’t go to sleep in a worried state an agitated state or an overactive mental state just let it go it’ll be there and your subconscious working for you because otherwise you’re likely to disrupt your sleep but we don’t want that okay it’s three top tips for peace personal power peak performance productivity positive attitude positive mindset and success a lot of stuff I know but it’s true remember to see the other videos that I mentioned that will show you the proven best way to create a new habit and also watch the videos on meditation mindfulness and visualization three most powerful tools for presence positivity peace personal power and success please like share and subscribe here and and my website Christopher Babson calm until the next video peace great great personal power and deep intrinsic prosperity in your passions purpose and your goals