I had two broken front teeth. It was probably a good three years that they were broken before I got them fixed. I was obviously afraid of the dentist, which is what kept me away, but I have a friend who works here and she’s like, “Just try it. Just try it.” So I came in, and they were really nice. They talked to me about what they were doing. He made me feel like – things happen, it’s not your fault that your teeth are falling apart. I am scared of the dentist. He made me feel like it was okay and that I wasn’t a bad person for having broken teeth, which made me come back. I mean… this is the first dentist I’ve come back to ever since I was a grownup. I got my teeth cleaned, which is a big deal. Well, my husband actually has really bad teeth. He has very soft teeth and he has struggled with his teeth his whole adult life. Every time he’s gone into the dentist, they’ve wanted to rip everything out of his mouth. I talked him into coming here. I said, “Honestly, just give it a shot—I went.” He knows how afraid of dentist I am, and I came. Two weeks later, he came, and the smile on my husband’s face when he came home, knowing that he had a dentist that wasn’t looking to just rip all his teeth out and replace it with dentures and that was actually willing to work with him and keep the teeth that he had, as well as myself. I would absolutely recommend this place. I’ve recommended it to a couple of my friends as well since I’ve been here. They’re nice. They’re looking to fix the problem, and to educate you on how to make it better and make yourself healthier which is a big deal, especially in today’s society where everybody’s so throw-away. Everything is so throw-away. “Let’s just get rid of it. Let’s just get rid of it.” Here, they’re about, “Let’s see what we can do to keep what we have and move forward from there.” It’s a big deal.