Okay, here we are at the pasture improvement
plot, financed by MBOSCUDA for the grazing community of Santa. This plot belongs to the young man in whose
compound we visited now, Saidu Umaru. He has a land certificate, so that gives it
a authenticity that we will not have any problems for somebody coming in to say, “Oh you’ve
occupied my land,” and they bring us problems. So the land was claimed, certificated. Now, behind this fence down are two hectares,
from down there right up to there, the fence surrounding the place. That’s where we had, we were given by Saidu
Umaru for the community pasture improvement plot. We choose here because at least it is a bit
flat. So we hired a tractor from Santa, the minister
of agriculture, which came and ploughed the place, harrowed it before we planted Brachiaria
seed, because these seeds which we planted inside there is Brachiaria. It’s a very nutritious plant. Good for cattle, fattening and both for milk
production. Paddocking is important also. If you paddock and control the movement of
cattle in and out you will not have a problem about what cattle should eat and inside we
look through. We saw that there are other species of grasses
that have grown out. You understand? Which will only be used by cattle. So, if you look where I am standing here you
see that this grass, the level is not up to 10 centimeters. It’s just about 10 centimeters high. Why? Compared to that place which is more than
about 50 centimeters high. Here, there is overgrazing. Cattle, horses, and sheep. You see? They pull it, and not only his cattle. Cattle that come from about three, four kilometers
away come and graze here and go back by night. Horses come from different areas, come and
graze here and go. The same thing with sheep. But inside this fence now, only cattle that
are controlled, if he decides to open the fence before cattle can enter. So that’s, we are talking now pasture improvement
and paddocking. These things go hand in hand. If you practice paddocking you control the
movement. You will not allow foreign cattle to just
come and graze on your land like that, etc, although it is our tradition. When you try to improve, you’re fencing, the
other neighbors will be angry, that this man is blocking, blocking the land, blocking cattle
movement and all the like. They don’t want to see somebody develop, but
I think sometimes you have to be radical also. Take your stand. Develop. Others will imitate after. Let them follow.