Hello and welcome to the latest episode from our Bude von Tölz Yesterday was the Champions League finale, but today is not about football We finished the last renovations this week and our house got some fresh paint on the outside but there is more to show you, follow me while finishing the painting process, we can finally enter the last room this is where the csgo girls can live Just promise me one thing, those rooms here belonged to another tenant until a few days ago We just got them on the 1st of June Just promise me not to be shocked about the looks of this flat This is how your flat looks when the pre-tenant doesn’t really like to clean or ventilate That’s when you get something like this We’ve already been working so hard on the rest of the house, so I doubt that this will be impossible to tidy up for us That was one of the things we wanted to show you Let’s go downstairs now, it’s the shorter way so I can show you what kind of hardware arrived this week so we can finally start gaming the proper way You already saw the packaging now I can show you what we exactly got over here those are the newest Predator G6 and G3 Models by Acer Those have some nice hardware built in as you can see Intel Core i7 6700k, GTX 1080, 16GB DDR4 etc. everything that provokes a gamers heart From hardware, to our production room we have to be really quiet over here because Stephan is working right now Stephan, sorry that I have to interrupt you. Our Streaming Setup is ready to go isn’t it? and you’re currently testing some settings? well, we still haven’t found all the perfect settings but we’re improving with every stream, so it’s great that we have people like mo at the office because this setup is a little more complicated then for example OBS that you know from your PC’s at home and we still need to do some tweaking, getting the details right and that’s why we’re streaming a lot at the moment, so we can learn and improve from every show So everything is perfect when we’re starting the real deal! Now we’re back outside, we can finally talk louder next to me is Chantal “Bunny”Aust, who we met last week she is one of our newest additions to the Team Expert Team But Bunny is working on her own project as well, which is called awpbunny – what can you tell us about it? AWPBunny started out being just my personal channel where I started streaming CSGO and now, I’m trying to unite female streamers in my project I want to have more female players in front of the camera, we have a female community voice and we’re just trying to bring everyone closer together and all of that with CSGO or are you playing other games as well? We’re try to be diverse to be more appealing to the viewers Currently we have Playstation with Laura, and Dota with Alexa and we’re still looking for new faces who want to present other games on our channel, for example overwatch Mo even brought in the Idea for a FIFA Player which would be awesome, a female FIFA Streamer I haven’t seen a female FIFA Streamer yet, that would be awesome So there is only girls streaming, how about the viewers, are they only female as well or are there male viewers watching? We have a really diverse audience. You can say that most streamers are male, but there is more females coming depends on what you’re watching but yes, we do have a lot of female viewers and even chat moderators so we’re not targeting just males as an audience, we just want to boost skill and show that we’re just as good as the male players provocative question, are there people smiling at your project or is it being taken serious? Actually, our chat is really clean. We rarely have to timeout or ban anyone because everybody seems to like how we are, and people who don’t can simply turn the stream off That’s completely true We don’t want to turn off now, I wish you a lot of fun with your stream tonight And I hope your stream will grow in the future, thinking about how we can integrate it into Team Expert because maybe we can get a female FIFA Player as well Last word for the girls out there? Do your thing and don’t let anyone stop you From female esport to international esport we’re taking a trip with the Bude von Tölz Chantal, we have a special trip planned do you want to tell me about it? we’re traveling over the ocean flying to L.A. to be at the E3 it’ll be awesome sick Well, Mo is right, it is indeed sick The Bude will go to North America What we’re doing over there and who is joining us? We’ll tell you next week