Hey there! Do you sometimes feel that key targets just
won’t die in the enemy team? Do you enjoy planting fear in your enemies? Widowmaker is just for you then, and we are
going to show you drills to increase your accuracy and be a real value to any team. Hello guys, welcome to the dojo! Let’s talk about the benefits of picking
Widowmaker. She is the most effective hero from long range
with her sniper, able to pick key targets and disturb the enemy team before team fights
begin. She shines in controlling open areas where
she can take control of the high grounds to bypass shields. Her kit does not really help the team in teamfights
though so you must score kills in order to be effective. Widowmaker is one of the hardest characters
in the game mechanical-wise. The basic drills for Widowmaker, especially
the static ones are going to be pretty similar to other hitscan training sessions but please
don’t neglect them.The drills are going to give you a solid mechanical foundation,
and also help you eyes and brain adapt to the scoped playstyle and to long distances
you need to perceive. If you have any questions regarding the Widowmaker
drills, or just want to improve with anything, please feel free to join Overwatchdojo’s
Discord server. There are coaching opportunities too, use
the link in the description! Alright, let’s load up the tutorial map
and stand in front of the still bots. Your first drill is to track them with your
mouse while moving around. This exercise warms up your muscles and helps
you start focusing. Aim at the head for this drill. You can mix up the movement so it is more
interesting to do. Do this drill for 30 seconds. The next drill is basically the same, but
this time use your gun in sniper mode. Hold down the zoom and try to track your targets
while moving left-to-right in an unpredictable manner. Try to make the movement arrhythmic so potential
enemies will have a hard time tracking you. It’s really not that hard to do, but an
important part of the drills. Do this drill for 30 seconds. The next drill teaches you the quickscope
that is an essential move with any sniper. The exercise is to zoom and quickly hit your
shot, removing the scope right after it. This allows you to be reactive and land the
critical shots, while having a greater vision around you. Quickscoping is really useful for mobility,
as you spend very little time in stationary position. Don’t forget that you should always go for
headshots! Do this drill for 1 minute
The last static drill is the hardest one, but looks and feels great. You are going to practice flicking. The basic idea is that from one position you
flick the crosshair to the head of the enemy quickly. Pretend that you are guarding a spot on the
map, and quickly flick to the bot who is in the view. Practicing this rewires your muscle memory,
so you will be able to land these shots in-game too. Do this drill for 2 minutes Static drills are a good for warming up, but
the real thing is just up next in the dynamic drills. If you like these drills created by Overwatchdojo,
consider supporting us on Patreon, link can be found in the description. In the next drill, take an elevated position
somewhere where you can see the platform with the moving bots. Your task is to land your shots consistently,
while doing a left-right strafing motion. You will spend a lot of time doing this in
live matches, so you should make this perfect. Pay attention to your charge and time your
shots well. Do this drill for 2 minutes. Now nothing new, just mix the previous ones. Land the headshots with quickscope then strafe
or jump to one side and repeat, try to find the perfect rhythm. If you can reach the perfect rhythm, you are
going to be a terrifying monster in-game. Do this drill for 2 minutes. The next drill is something that you may see
a lot from tryhard Widows. Stand near a position where you can grapple
upward. Press the jump button right at the moment
when the grapple pulls you to the level of the platform you are using to hook. Aim your sniper while in the air, and land
a headshot on the bot. You are pretty predictable when falling, but
it is happening really quickly, and may catch the enemy by surprise. Do this drill for 1 minutes. The last one is practicing the flick shot
again from various positions. Make sure that you pretend defending a single
point, and use this as the basic position. Flick to the moving bots from there. You want to practice this to close and far
distances too. Do this drill for 2 minutes. We know that these drills may be too basic
for some. If you want a more advanced training experience,
create a custom game with hard Lucio bots filling both sides and set headshot only on
a control point map in skirmish mode. Speed aura, boost and boops all over the place,
a really good training exercise. Use what you have learned in the drills! You can go with 4 ana 2 lucios if that works
better. Professional Widowmaker players
If you are interested in watching professional Widowmaker players, search for Kephrii and
Taimou (and leave the name of your favourite in a comment section below). Don’t forget that Widow is a really risky
pick and can be countered easily. Always adapt and try to co-operate with your
team members. Thank you for your attention. If you like what we are doing, subscribe,
give us a thumbs up and share this video. See you guys next time!