you can often determined that an oven bake or broil element t is burned out by simply checking to see if the element has any
visible breaks or blistering but since you can’t always tell by
looking it’s best to perform a continuity test a continuity test will determine if a
continuous electrical path is present in the element if the element has continuity it should
be functioning properly no continuity means the electrical path
is broken and the element is burned out bake and broil elements come in many shapes
and sizes but all of them can be tested for continuity in the same way you can choose from a variety of
multimeters to perform the test for this demonstration we will use both
analog and digital models when using an analog model first rotate
the range selection dial to the lowest setting for ohms of resistance then calibrate the meter by pinching the
probes together while adjusting the needle to read zero when using a digital model again rotate
the dial to the lowest setting for ohms of resistance or resistance with tone if your meter
has this option before you begin make sure the element
your testing has been removed or isolated from the appliance now use a probe to touch one of the
elements terminals and the second probe to touch the other
terminal if the meter reading shows the results
between zero and fifty ohms of resistance the element has continuity if the needle does not move or the digital display does not change
significantly there is no continuity which means the element is burned out
and will need to be replaced