Hi, it’s Steve. Today we’re going to show you how to change
the temperature sensor on your range and it’s a really easy job. All we’re going to need is a quarter inch
nut driver and maybe a pair of wire strippers and crimpers. Let me show you how we do it. Now, before we begin this job, the first thing
we’re going to need to do is to disconnect power and we’ll also need to pull the range
far enough forward that you can access the back. Either turn the power off at the breaker or
the fuse panel, or unplug it, and then pull the range forward so we can get to the back.Now,
to change the temperature sensor, we will need to remove this lower back panel. There are three screws the either side and
one in the top center, we’ll need to remove all those. Once we’ve removed all those screws, we’ll
next take out the one that secures the upper back panel to the lower back panel. We can then just carefully lift up the bottom
of that lower panel and lift it away from a couple of tabs that protrude from the back
of the oven, and we’ll set that panel aside. Then, locate the temp sensor on the right-hand
side facing from the rear and it is held in place with a quarter inch screw.Now with the
screw removed, we can then rotate that sensor body a little bit counter-clockwise to release
the tab on the right side and then, we can pull it straight out. We’ll just peel back that protective insulation
on the old sensor and we’ll cut those wires long enough to be able to splice them and
we’ll discard the old temp sensor. Just peel back a little of the insulation
on the ends of those wires. I’ll just twist those so we get a nice tight
end on them. Take a butt splice connector or an inline
connector, we’re going to insert that into the connector, crimp it nice and tight. We’ll do the same with the second wire, then
we’ll do the same to the new temp sensor.Just peel that back and this time, we’ll cut a
little closer to the actual connector, separate the two wires and, again, just strip back
some of that insulation. Now, once we’ve got the butt splice connectors
attached to the wire harness connector and we strip back the wire on the sensor itself,
we’ll just insert one each of those into that butt splice connector and crimp that, and
we’ll do the same for the second one. Make sure the connections are tight and we
can go ahead and install the new temp sensor. We’re just going to carefully insert the new
temp sensor, keep it nice and straight so that we line up the opening in the oven liner.Once
we’ve got it fully inserted we’ll just rotate that base clockwise, so that the screw hole
lines up and put that retaining screw in. Make sure we don’t pinch that wire, tighten
that, and then connect to the existing harness. Then, we can put the back panel on. Now, when installing the back panel, you’ll
note that there are two little tabs across the bottom here on the main portion of the
range, we need to make sure that this lip on the bottom of the back panel will engage
the both of those. We’ll start by tucking the top of it in behind
the upper panel, pull it into position then lift up on the bottom and both sides of the
cord, and make sure that those dropped into those two slots, and then we can go ahead
and put the screws in.Start by installing the one on the top center, it attaches the
two back panels together. Before we tighten anything, we’ll make sure
that all these screws will line up. Now, with all the screws installed and tightened
we can next push the range back into position and reconnect the power. We’re now ready to reconnect the power and
our repair is complete.